Reel Monsters (2022) Movie Review ‘Easy to Watch Coming of Age Tale’

Reel Monsters – Easy to Watch Coming of Age Tale


Director: Mark Polonia

Writer: John Oak Dalton (Screenplay) Paige Kay Davis, Michael Raso (Story)

Starring: Dawson Hilfiger, Nicholas Olson, Sophie Guss, Lucien Limberg, Grace Hines, Hannah Guss, James Kelly

Plot: Four teens are swept into the adventure of a lifetime involving a legendary creature and a mystery from the past that will change their lives forever.

Runtime: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Reel Monsters starts as Cory (Hilfiger), Boone (Olson), Sandra (Sophie Guss) and Millie (Hines) are looking to investigate the mystery behind Cory’s father’s mystery film he recorded when he was younger before moving away.

As the four look deeper into the mystery, we see how Cory’s dad Will went through the same night, which has created the distant side to him ever since his own teenage experience.

Thoughts on Reel Monsters

ThoughtsReel Monsters is a coming-of-age tale about four friends looking to solve the mystery from one of their father’s past, which has always made him out to be more distant to his son. The coming together to overcome the bullies and searching for answers is a nice side to the story, it all works well. The actors do work well together, showing the adventuring chemistry between themselves, where everything is needed. Reel Monsters does have flaws and that is the jumping between the two times, which doesn’t feel like a generational difference for the characters to be going through. The location doesn’t seem like the place that has as much threat as it could either, more like a random edge of the woods, not offering enough peril as to what could happen.

Final Thoughts Reel Monsters is an easy to watch coming-of-age tale.

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