Red Room (2018)

Director: Stephen Gaffney

Writer: Stephen Gaffney, Erica Keegan (Screenplay)

Starring: Brian Fortune, Rodrigo Ternevoy, Cristina Ryan, Eddie Jackson, Michelle Audrey, Aisling O’Neill, Fionna Hewitt-Twamley, Amy Kelly, Sohalia Lindheim, Saorise Doyle, John Dalessandro


Plot: Held hostage in an isolated house, three kidnapped women attempt to escape from their sadistic captors.

Tagline – How Much Is Your Life Worth

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Rawer and Grittier than Hostel


Story: Red Room starts when Kyra (Kelly) becomes the latest woman to be abducted from the streets, taking to a remote house and locked away with two other women Alison (Doyle) and Lilly (Lindheim) with their captor Richard (Dalessandro) running the operation from the house.

Locked in a room with the screams echoing around the house, Kyra must look to help guide the other girls escape from a horror they can only imagine in a twisted world,



Thoughts on Red Room


Characters – Kyra is our main character, we see her get taken and see flashbacks to her life before she was taken, she tries to figure out how to escape the room, she is bar far the strongest character in the film. when we start getting into the other two girls, Alison and Lilly, they are just captured girl one and two, not feeling as in distress as they could be or even considering escaping, it seems to be Kyra that inspires them. Richard is the man controlling the operations in the house in communication with the boss, he doesn’t seem to get involved in the action, we have the colourful characters involved in the seedy underworld we have entered too.

PerformancesAmy Kelly is our leading lady and she is the best part of the movie, you believe her struggle to escape the most. Everyone else in the film is good without doing anything that makes them stand out on another level from the rest.

StoryThe story here follows three women that are being held captive in a room in the middle of nowhere. They must wait to see their fates or look for escape. The women don’t know what is happening, we do, all the women hear are the screams of the previous victims. We see how the sadistic captors are conducting a business which will satisfy the twisted in the world. The story will test the audience because this isn’t going to be for a faint hearted and shows us just how one of the movies that circles around this type of business and how everybody involved operates.

HorrorThe horror comes from happens to the women, it is brutal and difficult to watch, you may even need to look away at times.

SettingsThe film is mostly set in the one house, this is isolated which means even if the women do get out of the house they will not know where to go.

Special EffectsThe effects are practical which makes certain scenes even harder to watch, the team behind these does deserve extra praise too.

Scene of the Movie –
The night escape.

That Moment That Annoyed Me The other two women seem to have just accepted their fate.

Final ThoughtsThis is one of the most brutal, raw and gritty movies you will ever see, it does end up making Hostel looking tame too.


Overall: Brutal and disturbing.




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