Recasting Kurt Russell Roles

Recasting Kurt Russell Roles

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Kurt Russell has become an icon in film because of his work and we have loved most of his films, while I have reviewed nearly every film I have been able to get my hands on, I thought I would do something different here.

My Rules are simple, the film is going to be released in 2019, I am casting some of his classic movies with new actors, I will not be including his son Wyatt in any selection or anyone that has played a son of his on screen too, I will also avoid using a rumoured replacement in potential remakes.

I want to make this clear, I enjoy the original performance, I don’t want a remake, this is just for fun.

My picks:

Snake Plissken – Escape from New York – Norman Reedus

Snake Plissken is the first truly iconic original character Russell played, he is forced into going into a walled off New York city filled with criminals after the President is shot down giving the criminal nuclear weapons. Snake is a no nonsense lone warrior that gives everyone the cold shoulder.

I have pick Norman Reedus for this role, he has made a name for himself as the bad boy on the Walking Dead, where he often has solo sequences going into battle and can handle the weaponry with ease.

MacReady – The Thing – Ed Skrein

MacReady is one of the crew in the Antarctica research base, he is the helicopter pilot that wants to get out to the sun as soon as his time is up, he is laid back not getting overly involved in the research side of things and has to keep everyone calm once that ‘Thing’ starts spreading through the camp.

Ed Skrein has been selected here because we have seen him play a selfish character well, but one that will do the right thing for the people he is around a lot. We need someone that look rough around the edges but still be the most popular with the ladies.

Lt Gabriel Cash – Tango & Cash – John Boyega

Cash is the partner to the straight talking suave cop Tango, he is the opposite being overzealous in his action, for this pick we need someone that can bounce of a Stallone like actor and can bring the energy required.

John Boyega is the actor I have gone for here, this role needs someone that can get the most talking in, we have seen this in Star Wars and more recently in Pacific Rim Uprising. He brings the street wise side to his character too which we saw in Attack the Block, making this my pick for this role.

Let me know what you think of these choice and let me know who you would pick for these three roles.


  1. Fun, I really really like the Reedus casting for Snake! Perfect. Love Boyega, too, I bet his career will be as long as Kurt’s – very talented guy!

  2. Interesting recasting choices here, only familiar with the last 2 actors. But tbh, I’d hate to see Escape from New York – the only film I’ve seen here – remade. Thanks for joining our blogathon, your post will be added to todays post.

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