Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 2 Margaretology

Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 2 Margaretology

Starting off with Queen Elizabeth II looking back to her childhood, where she has her royal title thrown on her where she is prepared to one day become Queen, despite Margaret being more interested in the lifestyle thrown on her. Margaret is heading to America with Lord Snowdon doing the visits around on behalf of the royal family.

We see how President Johnson (Clancy Brown) has a dislike towards the Prime Minster Harold Wilson due to his stance on the Vietnam War, which sees Harold Wilson turning to the Queen to help keep the relationship between the two countries strong, like the royals always have.

Princess Margaret’s trip being a complete success with the Americans giving her fans their own name ‘Margaretology’ which sees her enjoying being in the spotlight even if it does cause problems with her own marriage, even if it highlights a jealously she has been holding in for years as this trip is more for her husband’s book, than her own entertainment.

Queen Elizabeth II accepts the idea of trying to keep the relationship together, while President Johnson is playing firm of not going disrespecting the crown by not accepting, using his own counteroffer of inviting Princess Margaret to the White House because of the success of her trip in America. The problem is this diner goes horribly wrong for the public relations point of view, when Margaret brings her own opinions of being like President Johnson, being in the shadow of the more famous superior in the Queen of JFK.

This episode is focused on Margaret and her constant struggle of being in the Shadow of the Queen, it gets reflected in President Johnson, who was always in JFK’s shadow, showing how she can be used for the edgy social occasions and not everything has to be calm and official, the highlight of this episode comes from seeing Prime Minister Harold Wilson relating the crude lines to the Queen.

Helena Bonham Carter takes the centre stage in this film, she shines throughout, while Olivia Colman is still flawless, Clancy Brown is a welcome addition showing how stubborn the Americans can come off as, while Jason Watkins is slowly becoming the MVP of the series.

Rating 10/10

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