ReBroken (2023) Movie Review

Rebroken – Movie Review


Director: Kenny Yates

Writer: Kipp Tribble (Screenplay)

Writer: Scott Hamm Duenas (Story)


Plot: A devastated father receives recordings from a mysterious stranger that allow him to communicate with his recently deceased daughter.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Rebroken starts as Will (Duenas) is struggling in the aftermath of his daughter’s death. He has turned to drinking while attempting his recovery process in a support group. The group is led by Bella (Haislip) with Bryan (Tribble) offering to support Will.

When one of the other members Lydia (Okoro) shows Will another method to cure himself. Will becomes interested in what Von (Bell) can offer, a series of records that bring an unexpected connection with his lost daughter.

Verdict on Rebroken

Rebroken is a thriller following a grieving father that is struggling to cope with his loss. He tries a support group but has his head turned by a stranger whose methods could give him a chance to communicate with her again.

This is a drama showing the difficulties people face in dealing with grief. It sees the main character getting an opportunity to communicate with a lost loved one. However, the question is more about whether it is real or not, and whether can he handle a new reality. This story does go in unexpected directions which do keep us guessing as to what the truth is.

The performances in the film are great with Scott Hamm Duenas in the leading role showing his character’s emotionally unstable state. Tobin Bell is the big-name draw and gives us a great supporting performance with his iconic voice adding to scenes.

Final Thoughts Rebroken is a thought-provoking thriller.

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