Questions Going in Season Two of The Walking Dead World Beyond

Questions Going in Season Two of The Walking Dead World Beyond

The Walking Dead World Beyond Season One is complete and it brought along a few twists and turns along the way. There are a few questions that we are going to want answered going into Season Two. These are the questions.

What is so important about Hope?

In season one it is revealed that Hope is an asset that the other community want. She has been separated in an attempt to get her to make the journey but how is her skill set going to be used?

Will the youngster ever learn to work together?

For most of this season, the friends have found themselves pushing themselves apart. They argue and never know how to work together in a life-and-death situation. If they are going to survive, they must start working together more and trusting each other.

Can the group forgive Huck?

Huck turned out to be on an inside job trying to get Hope to go to the new community. She betrays the group with her actions, even if she refuses to hurt any of the group to get the mission done. With her still breathing and Hope wants to make sure everyone stays safe, when they cross paths, can they forgive each other?

Will the group return to the university?

Iris, Felix, Elton and Percy are left to figure out what to do next. Hope wants them to return to the university for safety. Will the group follow her wishes or are they going to plan to try and rescue her from the Civil Republic?

What is Elizabeth’s bigger plan?

Season one does plenty to hide any and all plans of Elizabeth. Outside of the opening episode, we learn very little about what she wants with the community and Hope. The season finale offers a few answers but we need to see more of the big bad that has been presented to us.

Why isn’t Will in the Civil Republic?

It was made clear that Will was in the Civil Republic, what caused him to leave? And what does he know that the rest don’t? Will looks like he will become a big part of explaining everything that has happened going forward.

There are plenty of questions that are left open for the next season and going into the new season, let’s see which ones of them will be answered.

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