Poison Arrows (2022) Movie Review

Poison Arrows – Movie Review

Poison Arrows

Director: Simon Sprackling

Writer: Simon Sprackling (Screenplay)


Plot: After serving 15 years for the murder of his protege and team mate, Perry ‘The Poison Arrow’ Peters, former darts player, Rocky Goldfingers, is coming out of jail determined to prove his innocence.

Runtime: 1 Hour 44 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Poison Arrows starts as documentary filmmaker Lewis J Maitland (Gray) gets close to convicted murderer Rocky Goldfingers (Bell). Rocky is about to be released from prison for the murder of a fellow darts player Perry Peters, a crime he denied.

As Rocky tries to put his life back together, he starts exploring the opportunity of returning to the sport. All while trying to discover the truth about the darts player he never murdered.

Verdict on Poison Arrows

Poison Arrows is a mockumentary movie following the development of a documentary about a former darts star. It sees how the darts star was found guilty of murder, despite no body ever being found. The effects it had on his life and the determination of the director to get a documentary made.

This movie gets to explore the darker side of sports, this time using darts. It shows how far people will go for success and how the past will always haunt people. The style of the movie shot gets to play out like a documentary on sports stars gone bad. It works for the comedy and over-the-top nature of Rocky. However, not enough of the movie focuses on the sport it is wanting to use so heavily.

Geoff Bell and Ben Gardner Gray do work very well together. They play the roles of complete opposites but people that need each other.

Where to Watch: Poison Arrows will be in UK Cinemas from 20th December and will be available on Digital Download from 3rd January

Final Thoughts Poison Arrows is a fun over the top mockumentary.

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