Phenomena (2023) Movie Review


Phenomena – Movie Review

Director: Carlos Theron

Writer: Marta Buchaca, Fernando Navarro (Screenplay)


Plot: Three middle-aged women who investigate paranormal events are put to the test when their leader Father Pilón disappears. Inspired by the real Hepta Group.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Phenomena starts when three middle-aged women Sagrario (Reuda), Gloria (Acosta) and Paz (Olayo). They go in search of answers for their leader Father Pilon who has suddenly becomes ill. He had been investigating a paranormal experience in an antique shop.

As the team investigates the antique show, they discover a spirit is trying to communicate with them. They must figure out what the spirit wants and whether it is dangerous or not.

Verdict on Phenomena

Phenomena is a horror comedy following the real Hepta Group of women. It follows them as they investigate an antique shop that could have the deadliest case yet. They must try to understand the truth and stop the spirit from gaining too much power.

While this is advertised about real events, quick research doesn’t seem to show too much information or any about the real group. That being said, this movie finds itself caught between the comedy of Ghostbusters and the teasing supernatural stories of The Conjuring. The chemistry between the three women is great and they keep things light-hearted during their investigation. There is a big mystery about what is real or not, which does a great job of balancing both sides of the discussion. The performances are strong from the whole cast throughout the whole movie.

Where to Watch: Phenomena is available on Netflix now.

Final ThoughtsPhenomena is an entertaining horror comedy.

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