Overwatch (2022) Short Movie Review

Overwatch – Movie Review


Director: Aaron Cohen

Writer: Aaron Cohen (Screenplay)


Plot: When a platoon of Navy SEALs gets pinned down on a mission, an elite CIA ground team is sent in to help rescue them. As the rescue operation unfolds, the personal sacrifices of elite combat soldiers are revealed.

Runtime: 18 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Overwatch starts by following two elite combat soldiers Dylan (Cohen) and Max (Nevada) who are on a mission to save a platoon of Navy SEALs. As they look to complete the mission they start discussing life’s bigger problems.

Verdict on Overwatch

Overwatch is a short war drama following two soldiers as they look to complete a difficult mission. The action side of the film is all good, but we spend more time on the bigger discussions. There is plenty to break down in the conversation going on. Different political beliefs and relationship problems they both have. These moments let the action almost take place in the background, creating what looks like a lack of concentration between the soldiers.

Like always it is always important to see if a short could be extended to a longer feature. This one does feel like it could struggle to be much more, as it feels like there is a message being sent with it, rather than a story being told.

Final Thoughts Overwatch feels like a message about war and what it does to people.

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