Outpost (2022) Movie Review


Outpost – Movie Review

Director: Joe Lo Truglio

Writer: Joe Lo Truglio (Screenplay)


Plot: A nightmare on a mountain, about a woman fighting demons where the demons are winning.

Runtime: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Outpost starts when Kate (Dover) goes through a horrific attack by her ex-partner Mike (Neff). She is haunted by the nightmares she has gone through. Kate takes a volunteer role working for Earl (Essandoh) at a remote outpost in the woods.

The role means being isolated and away from the world, the closest human contact is Reg (Baker). When her nightmares continue, she finds herself understanding what reality is or not.

Verdict on Outpost

Outpost is a horror thriller following a woman who has been through horrific abuse. She is struggling through everyday life and turns to a friend to help her escape for a while. This sees her taking a job at a remote woodland outpost where things start to take a darker turn.

The movie looks to take on a serious subject in the idea that a victim will continue to suffer after abuse. With the nightmares sticking with them and escaping could help make things easier. However, this goes in a very different direction and leaves us shocked with the final outcome. This unexpected twist helps give us plenty of shock and surprise throughout the movie. The performance from Beth Dover is great, as we are never sure what is going on in her mind.

Final Thoughts Outpost is a suspenseful horror waiting to explode.

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