Out of the Dark (2014)

logoDirector: Lluis Quilez

Writer: Javier Gullon, David Pastor, Alex Pastor (Screenplay)

Starring: Julia Stiles, Scott Speedman, Pixie Davies, Alejandro Furth, Stephen Rea


Plot: A couple and their daughter moves to Colombia to take over a family manufacturing plant, only to realize their new home is haunted.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Ghost Investigation: Columbia


Story: Out of the Dark starts by showing a man trying to escape Columbia in 1992 burning reports and documents, when a knocking at the door starts happening he answers to nothing before getting haunted by childlike figures and he’s dead. With that very simple introduction we know what type of evil we will be dealing with but not giving away the motive behind it.

Move forward to present day we see American family Sarah (Stiles), Paul (Speedman) and young daughter Hannah (Davies) moving to St Clara Columbia. Shown around by Sarah’s father Jordan (Rea) the family is in for a big culture change as Sarah comes to start her new job at a paper factory. The family just so happens to move into the same house from the opening sequence. The town is preparing for a festival to celebrate an old tradition where the children of the village wear masks and bandages.

Paul the artists is looking after Hannah when he makes a discovery from one of the photos he took when they first moved in, just as Hannah goes off wondering into the garden which leads into the forest. The Festival of the Children is about remembering an ancient story about the children of the village being killed by the conquistadors.

After Hannah goes missing in the house it becomes apparent that the house is haunted by the vengeful ghosts. Hannah is found sick in the house but with little in the word of answers about the sickness. When Hannah continues to get sicker strange goings on continue to happen around the house with the ghost children drawn the Hannah. When the vengeful children take Hannah, Sarah and Paul are left helpless must use what very little connection they have in the town to discover what is happening and get their daughter back before it is too late.

Out of the Dark is one of those haunting the family that was involved in something that lead to the death, these are the type of horror films I enjoy because of the mystery element added to the scares that might not come off. I would pose the questions of ‘would you move you family to a country you know nothing about?’ ‘Would you leave your daughter with a babysitter on your first week there?’ these two questions really lead you to wonder a lot about the goings on in the film. I did like the idea of the Conquistadors legend which would have been a lot better for the outcome than what we got, but in the end the human factor does help make it more realistic. As I am a fan of the genre I am going to say this is solid but only because it feeds what I like. (7/10)


Actor Review


Julia Stiles: Sarah Harriman the go to work parent in what is a slight difference to our normal horror films where the mother is the one who usually stays at home getting haunted. Julia does a good job as the concerned mother and working lady. (7/10)


Scott Speedman: Paul Harriman the stay at home father who does work from home but is the one investigating the haunting. Scott is the first male character in horror film that is in a couple and is actual solving the problem. (7/10)


Stephen Rea: Jordan the father of Sarah who brings the family to the town where they can start a new life. Stephen does a solid job in the role without needing to do too much. (6/10)


Pixie Davies: Hannah Harriman the daughter who seems to be getting the most part of the haunting because the children like to take other children. Pixie does a solid job in the role for the young actress. (6/10)


Support Cast: Out of the Dark has a supporting cast that doesn’t get to involved in what is going on but does help explain what could be going on.


Director Review: Lluis Quilez – Lluis does a solid job directing this very much by the book investigation horror film. (6/10)


Horror: Out of the Dark has a couple of good scares but nothing shocking. (6/10)

Thriller: Out of the Dark keeps you guessing as to what could have happened. (7/10)

Settings: Out of the Dark puts our family in a location unknown to them which helps for the horror to grow. (8/10)

Suggestion: Out of the Dark is one for the fans of this type of horror to enjoy, you won’t get scared but if you like ghost investigation like films this is for you. (Ghost Investigation Fans Watch)


Best Part: Dream sequence.

Worst Part: Questionable parenting.

Scariest Scene: Dream Sequence.


Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: Beginning of credits shows what happened next to the town.


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes


Overall: Good Ghost Investigation Horror

Rating 65

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