Our Favourite Performance – Hugh Jackman

We have been looking at our own individual favourite role from the star above, we would like to hear from you about which is your favourite role. This was selected by Ian. Hugh Jackman is one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood today, he can pick up any role in any genre and shine though.

Ian’s Pick

Wolverine – X-Men Franchise (2000 – ) wolverineWolverine has been the biggest star of the X-Men films with two sequels of his own, one good, one not so.

My Pick

Keller Dover – Prisoners (2013) prisoners This role in Prisoners was different to what we are used to seeing from Hugh. That is why I have picked it because we see how far he goes to find out the truth about his lost daughter.

Lesley’s Pick

Logan – The Wolverine (2013) logan Logan goes to modern day Japan to meet an old friend who wants to take his immortality away from him. Logan most defeat his toughest nemesis yet.

Lewis’ Pick

Tom (scientist) / Tomás (conquistador) / Tommy (enlightened monk) – The Fountain (2006) fountain Spanning a period of centuries – or perhaps millennia – we see three individual characters evolve as one across three interconnected tales, and the quest to reach the Tree of Life.

Simon’s Pick

Van Helsing – Van Helsing (2004) van helsingThe fearless monster hunter who is sent to Transylvania to stop Dracula and his monsters.

What would you pick as your favourite Hugh Jackman performance?

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