Oscar Winners Killed in Horror Movies

Oscar Winners Killed in Horror Movies

For years now the Oscars have always overlooked horror movies and the few that do get recognised, are always celebrated. The actors on the other hand take chances in horror movies, it could be their entry into movies too. With this article, I will be looking at the filmographies of Oscar-Winning Actors from the last 10 years, to see which ones didn’t make it out of horror movies in their careers.

There will be MAJOR spoilers for anyone on this list, this is your warning anything else you see could spoil key points in the movies.

We are also only going back in time starting with the most recent winners and will not include any movie that was nominated for an Oscar, even if the actor dies in them. I will also only go into detail for one film per actor, with honourable mentions if they died more than once.

Will Smith – I Am Legend

Oscar Winners Killed in Horror Movies

In I Am Legend Will Smith plays Robert Neville, a lone survivor of a devastating virus. He lives alone with his dog as he navigates the streets of New York City. Robert is trying to find a cure, which sees him capture one of the vampire-like creatures. In the final act of the movie, Robert is confronted by a group of creatures and sacrifices himself to save the other two survivors he previously discovered. There is an alternative ending, where Robert survivors the final showdown, so it does depend on which end you watch.

Anthony Hopkins – Magic

Sir Anthony Hopkins starred in the horror movie Magic in 1978, in this movie he plays a ventriloquist Corky. Corky’s dummy is called Fats which starts making him commit murder as Corky tries to win the heart of his high school sweetheart. In the closing act of the movie Fats is trying to convince Corky to murder someone, only for Corky to return mortally wounded, dying next to his believed dummy.

Matthew McConaughey – Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
Oscar Winners Killed in Horror Movies

In what is widely considered one of the many bad versions of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, we get early roles not only from Matthew McConaughey but Renee Zellweger too. Unlike Renee, Matthew’s character doesn’t make it out of the movie alive. He plays Vilmer a member of the psychotic family and a man that selects Zellweger’s Jenny to be the latest victim. Considering this is a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, Vilmer’s death is tame, being shot by an assassin used to clean up the mess he created.

Mahershala Ali – Predators
Oscar Winners Killed in Horror Movies

Predators is the third solo movie in the series, continuing the hunting games of the Predators. This time they selected some of the best military fighters to put themselves up against. Mahershala plays Mombasa a Revolutionary United Front Officer, like most of the characters, they have come from different backgrounds, with different strengths and weaknesses. While the previous deaths have been major parts of the story, Mombasa is just another number picked off in a largely forgettable way.

Sam Rockwell – Clownhouse

Clownhouse is a horror movie surrounded by controversy because of the director’s disgusting behaviour. However, it was Sam Rockwell’s film debut, as a big brother and bully. He meets his demise after tormenting his younger brother and getting killed by one of the real killer clowns.

Julianna Moore – The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
Oscar Winners Killed in Horror Movies

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle follows a woman that takes the job as a nanny but has her own plans for the baby. Julianne Moore plays Marlene Craven a woman that discovers her plans of Peyton but in her desperate attempts to find her, gets killed in a freak accident when a greenhouse shatters with her inside.

Christoph Waltz – Pact with the Devil

In a modern-day Dorian Grey story, Christoph Waltz has a small role in this movie, which sees him getting into a fight, where he is shot and killed. One of his first American movie roles can be seen as one most would end up not knowing about.

Octavia Spencer – Halloween II

Rob Zombie’s second Halloween outing is the movie that ended his vision for the franchise. Octavia Spencer plays Nurse Daniels who gets brutally killed by Michael Myers in his escape from the hospital. Like a lot of the deaths in the Rob Zombie Halloween movies. It is violently over the top and completely unnecessary for what was previously created with Halloween.

Christopher Plummer – Dracula 2001

Dracula 2001 looked to breathe fresh life into the Dracula character. Plummer played Van Helsing who has lived for over a century. He now must stop Dracula after he escaped only for him to get killed, after passing on his skills to his mentor and illegitimate daughter.

What other Oscar winners from the previous 10 years have you seen killed in Horror movies?

Do you want to see me look back at the next ten years of winners to?

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