Ocean Boy (2022) Movie Review


Ocean Boy – Movie Review

Director: Tyler Atkins

Writer: Drue Metz (Screenplay)

Writer: Tyler Atkins (Story)


  • Luke Hemsworth (Thor Ragnarok)
  • Rasmus King
  • Isabel Lucas (Daydreakers)
  • Savannah La Rain (Big Shot)
  • Leeanna Walsman (Star Wars Attack of the Clones)

Plot: In the late summer along the Australian coast, Bosch, a young father goes on the run for drug dealing with his surf gang. In tow is his son, Rockit, who believes he is on a magical holiday.

Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Ocean Boy starts as drug dealer Bosch (Hemsworth) must go into hiding. A bushfire exposes his business on the coast, and he must take his son Rockit (King). Rockit believes they are going on a vacation, unaware of his father’s dealings.

As the two spend time together, Rockit gets to see more of the country for the first time. Meanwhile, Bosch must keep his secret from his son, as they go off-track for safety.

Verdict on Ocean Boy


Bosch is a drug-dealer operating outside of a small town, he lives close to the bush on the Coast. He keeps his business relaxed and keeps everything feeling comfortable. Bosch lives with his son and tries to teach him life lessons. When a bushfire exposes the business, Bosch is forced to go on the run with his son. He continues to keep the truth from Rockit as he looks to tie up loose ends while in hiding.

Rockit is the teenage son of Bosch, he loves to surf and struggles at school. He loves being out on the ocean and when his father promises to take him on a holiday he jumps at the opportunity. Rockit meets new people and gets to see more of the country until he learns the truth about his father.

In the supporting characters, we get to meet a few people that will help Bosch. The cops who once worked with Bosch are now looking to tie up loose ends before getting exposed themselves.


Luke Hemsworth is a lot of fun in this movie, giving a natural performance throughout the film. Rasmus King is great too, as the teenager seeing the world for the first time. The whole cast in the movie is great to watch, as they get to bring these characters to life.


Ocean Boy follows a father and son that must go on the run after the father’s drug business gets exposed. It starts out like a holiday before turning into a coming-of-age adventure for the teenage son Rockit.

This is an enjoyable story based on real events as the teenager learns to adapt to his changing life. There is a big message about how difficult Rockit’s life became because of his father’s actions. It also shows how that moment of freedom opened up the life of the teenager to see he could make more of his own life, if given the chance.

Final Thoughts Ocean Boy is an enjoyable drama about a teenager finding himself in life.

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