Obsessions (2022) Movie Review

Obsessions – Movie Review


Director: Ashish Chanana

Writer: Sarah Stunt (Screenplay)


  • Olga Safari
  • Andrea Figliomeni
  • Bobby Slaski
  • Kevin Bernstein
  • Sean Christopher Grant

Plot: After a freak accident, celebrity Maria Breeze arranges an exclusive tell-all with reporter Lily Miller, inviting her into her world of secrets, betrayals and deadly truths.

Runtime: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Obsessions starts when mega-celebrity Maria Breeze (Safai) is involved in an accident that gets the world talking. She isn’t interested in giving away her story, turning to Lilly Miller (Figliomeni) to reveal her story.

While Maria and Lilly find themselves getting close before the interview. Only a bigger series of events start coming to light and the secret lives that Maria and Danny (Slaski) could be getting revealed.

Verdict on Obsessions

Obsessions is a thriller that follows a reporter that gets a chance at a big break covering a mega-celebrity’s accident. This sees them become friends as the night takes a twisted turn nobody is prepared for.

It will address the obsession with social media and how people rely on hearing, reading or knowing everything about the biggest stars in the world. however, the story does keep us guessing as to who might have alternative agenda for the time together.

This story is one you could look to break down everything, as the mystery takes centre stage over nearly everything else involved in the movie. The performances in the film are strong, with us seeing the celebrity life poked fun at.

Final Thoughts Obsessions is a thriller that keeps you guessing to the bigger picture.

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