Nightmare Radio: The Night Stalker (2023) Movie Review

Nightmare Radio: The Night Stalker – Movie Review

Nightmare Radio

Director: Nathan Crooker, Carlos Goitia, David M Night Maire, Mia Kate Russell, Ryan J Thompson, Adam O’Brien, Lorcan Finnegan

Writer:  Taz Pereyra, Camilo Zaffora (Screenplay)


  • Paula Brasca
  • Agustin Olcese
  • Valeria San Martin
  • Michael Lorz
  • Sean Weil

Plot: Candy is a late-night radio DJ with a program where people call to tell her real horror stories. One of her listeners begins to call her insistently. Candy quickly discovers that there is a strange connection between them. Soon she will find out how far an obsessed fan is willing to go.

Runtime: 1 Hour 17 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Nightmare Radio: The Night Stalker

The Night Stalker (D. Charly Goitia)

Candy (Brasca) is the host of the radio show, she encourages her callers to bring their scariest stories. Her midnight show gives the chance to hear the following scary stories. Candy finds herself getting calls from the same caller Jack who claims to be a killer. While she tries to avoid his calls for the other stories.

This is the wrap around story that is one of the strongest wrap around stories in any horror anthology. It keeps us on edge and gives a strong reason to have the different stories being told. 4/5

Foxes (D. Lorcan Finnegan)

We get to follow a married couple that is having difficulties, as the wife starts becoming distant. She finds herself getting an unusual connection to something outside of her home. This connection ends up creating a change for her.

The story does end up becoming slightly too short and doesn’t get enough horror involved. 2/5

Playback (D. Nathan Crooker)

Bob tells us a story about how he witnesses a murder on his television. One from inside his apartment building, sees him going to investigate, leading to a change in the events. However, not everything is as easy to stay one step ahead of the killer.

This could be a very good story, anything that involves a little bit of time travel works very well for creating something unusual along the storyline path. It does get held up by the shortened length we needed so much more from this story idea. 3/5

Insane (D. Adam O’Brien)

This story follows a real estate agent showing off an abandoned building to a potential client. However, the client wants to place for his own movie and the realtor’s past is going to come back to haunt her.

This one has some of the stronger scares along the way. It feels like the most complete of the stories so far as well as being able to grow for a future full-length story. 4/5

Liz Drives (D. Mia Kate Russell)

This follows sisters trying to re-group after an event in one’s life. when they stop at a gas station at night, they find themselves being attacked by an unknown abductor. This sees one taken and the other being chased down by the abductor preying they can get help.

In what is a much more intense story compared to the previous ones. We get to see a true cat-n-mouse horror thriller in a desperate battle to survive. It is also filled with a killer twist to everything we thought we saw. 5/5

Chateau Savignon (D. David M. Night Maire)

This time we follow a father-son pairing working vineyard. They have been struggling with supplies as things are starting to get worse for the farm. When they get two late clients it causes a struggle between family, as a bigger threat is waiting for them.

This one has an interesting story that once again struggles to get the most out of the time given. A much bigger picture would have made this a lot more sinister and disturbing. 3/5

Where to Watch: Nightmare Radio: The Night Stalker is coming to digital on the 24th of April from Reel 2 Reel Films

Final ThoughtsNightmare Radio: The Night Stalker is a true rollercoaster of horror shorts.

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