Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Halloween Horror – The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)


Director: Adam Robitel

Writer: Adam Robitel, Gavin Heffernan (Screenplay)

Starring: Jill Larson, Anne Ramsay, Michelle Ang, Brett Gentile, Jeremy DeCarlos, Ryan Cutrona, Tonya Bludsworth


Plot: An elderly woman battling Alzheimer’s disease agrees to let a film crew document her condition, but what they discover is something far more sinister going on.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Shock Filled Horror


Story: The Taking of Deborah Logan starts as the film crew Mia Medine (Ang), Gavin (Gentile) and cameraman Luis (DeCarlos) head out to record the Logan family with Sarah (Ramsay) arranging it all for the interview of Deborah (Larson). The concept of the documentary film is to study how Alzheimer’s diseases effects the victim and the family around them. When even stranger events than the effects of the disease start happening, the doctors are just as confused what is causing the problems with Deborah’s behaviour. As the days and night continue the events become strange and even more interesting as a link to a past unsolved case could hold the truth to what has been going on.

The Take of Deborah Logan is a found footage film that makes sense for the recording to continue as it starts off as a documentary about illness and solving the situation once it hits the supernatural side of everything. The horror side of the story comes through very strong throughout the film as we see just how far into the truth we go and the ending will leave you even more shocked than you could have imagined.

Jill Larson is truly terrifying in the title role with Anne Ramsay giving us a good performance as the one trying to care for her mother. Michelle Ang is good as the journalist looking for a story that actually cares for the family enough to risk her own life which comes through in her performance but it is this film where the men are written quite weakly with none of them getting too involved with the final outcome of the story. this is a horror that is filled with shocks and the final one is one of the most shockingly terrifying ones in recent cinema.


Overall: Horror that builds and builds till the shocking ending.




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