Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Horror – Blood Rush (2015)

bllodDirector: Harris Demel

Writer: Harris Demel, Rob Greenberg (Screenplay)

Starring: Stella Maeve, Evan Taubenfeld, Michael Madsen, Rochelle Robinson, Madeleine E Russick, Ivy Lindsay


Plot: A famous model, trapped inside an upside-down car, reaches a mysterious man on her damaged cell phone. However, roadside assistance is the last thing on the stranger’s mind.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Intense Thriller


Story: Blood Rush starts as Nicole (Maeve) wakes up with blood running from her nose as she comes to the reality that she has been involved in a car crash with her boyfriend Scotty Dee (Taunbefeld), the car is flipped off the road and Nicole finds herself trapped. With the opening credits we get to learn of the celebrity status of the pair with Nicole being a model and Scotty Dee being a musician.

Moving back to the accident site Nicole has to figure out what to do next as her phone is smashed she has to dial random numbers as she looks for help, after a few bad calls she finds herself talking to Casey (Madsen) but now she has to battle the elements as well as local nature.

While talking to Chatting to Casey Nicole learns that he has an alternative view on how she is acting and Casey is out for something as he pushes Nicole into thinking she is living her life wrong but this is only the start of his games.

Blood Rush is film that keeps you on edge from start to finish with a conclusion that will leave you shocked. The film uses the trapped angle very well and not having Nicole pointlessly panic also helps. We get the conversation where Nicole has to face realities of her own life throughout the film. This story will keep you attention with my own slight disappointment being how we get teases of natural hazards that never really follow through.


Actor Review


Stella Maeve: Nicole Diamond is one of America’s top model and part of one of the hottest couples in America. She is involved in a car crash where she finds herself trapped upside down having to battles the elements, nature and find a way out. Her phone can only dial a few numbers leaving her dialling random numbers until Casey offers to help her. She has to face the reality that Scotty isn’t the man she thinks while also having to show the compassion Casey doesn’t believe she can. Stella is brilliant in this role as she is involved in every scene and if it wasn’t for her performance this could turn into something very hard to watch.

Evan Taubenfeld: Scotty Dee is the popstar boyfriend of Nicole, he is injured during the crash but his true colours are exposed by Casey during the conversation between Casey and Nicole. Evan is only a supporting character that we learn about the character without him being involved in the conversation.

Michael Madsen: Casey is the man that gets the call from Nicole as she searches for a way out of her predicament. He starts off friendly before quickly turning on her making her need to face the reality of her life decisions. Michael is the voice on the end of the phone trying to play the games, his voice works for this role where he comes off as someone against Nicole.

Support Cast: Blood Rush has a supporting cast that only has phone calls or slight one off scenes, nothing really is important to the rest of the film.

Director Review: Harris DemelHarris gives us a thriller that keeps us on the edge from start to finish.


Thriller: Blood Rush keeps us on edge as we have to watch whether Nicole will make it out alive.

Settings: Blood Rush keeps us in the wreck with Nicole for the most part for the setting, it shows the peril she is in because of how far away from the road she is making this a brilliant use of setting to create tension.
Special Effects
: Blood Rush has good effects for everything inside the wreck without using anything too heavy.

Suggestion: Blood Rush is a film I do think everyone should be watching. (Watch)


Best Part: Stella’s performance.

Worst Part: Not enough of the natural elements involved.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes


Overall: Thriller that will keep you on edge from start to finish before making your jaw drop with the outcome.



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