Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Horror – Apartment 1303 (2012)

apartmentDirector: Michael Taverna

Writer: Michael Taverna (Screenplay) Kei Oishi (Original Story)

Starring: Mischa Barton, Rebecca De Mornay, Julianne Michelle, Corey Sevier, John Diehl, Kathleen Mackey, Jessica Harris


Plot: A modern ghost story which turns a love/hate relationship between mother and daughter into a tale of horror. Some rentals are too good to be true.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: My Eyes Hurt


Story: Apartment 1303 starts as Janet (Michelle) moves into her first apartment after a domestic dispute with her mother Maddie (De Mornay) and against her sister Lara’s (Barton) wishes. The apartment is of course 1303, the place is huge and the views are breath-taking.

One the first night in the apartment Janet starts getting scared by noises coming from around the apartment including flickering lights, o and the little girl next door says about the suicide in the apartment and a creepy maintenance man. When the vengeful spirit in the apartment kills Janet the apartment is left to Lara to figure out about the events as she believes it has something to do with her boyfriend Mark (Sevier).

Apartment 1303 is why horror films get slammed so easily, I just don’t get how you get such a very simple idea so horrendously wrong. I love the ghost haunting films so this appealed to me but in the end we get confused faces whenever they see a ghost and some ridiculous side story about a washed up popstar. Then the film just ended without any sort of conclusion. I could rant about this film longer than the actually film but no one wants to hear that, or do they?


Actor Review


Mischa Barton: Lara Slate is the sister of the Janet and is the more responsible of the two, she wants Janet to come home but dealing with their alcoholic mother. She has to investigate her sister’s death in the apartment and uncovers a terrifying truth. Mischa was once in the OC now she is doing this, what happened?

Rebecca De Mornay: Maddie Slate is the flash in the pan pop sensation that has been living off her one hit for her whole life, she is an alcoholic that has caused her child all sorts of pain through the years. She is the reason why Janet left and why Lara will put up with her. Rebecca is an actress that is capable of greatness but her pointless character and awful performance show how certain or actresses are pay check performers.

Julianne Michelle: Janet Slate has an argument with her mother, rents her first apartment, moves into aforementioned apartment, gets haunted, has sex gets killed that is the point in this character. Julianne is terrible in this from the first scene to her death scene.

Corey Sevier: Mark Taylor is the boyfriend of Janet’s who has a few secrets up his sleeve but is also one of the prime suspects in the case, he teams up with Lara to find out what happened in the apartment. Corey does ok I guess but never heard of this guy, most likely never will again.

Support Cast: Apartment 1303 has a creepy supporting cast that all have different reasons for being involved in the story.

Director Review: Michael TavernaMichael did such a bad job here I can’t believe it.


Horror: Apartment 1303 has no scares what so ever.

Settings: Apartment 1303 has one highlight, the idea all the hauntings takes place in one location.
Special Effects
: Apartment 1303 ha CGI BUBBLES for a bath scene come on.

Suggestion: Apartment 1303 is a film you shouldn’t even look on the back on the box to see what it is about, avoid avoid avoid. (AVOID)


Best Part: It is short.

Worst Part: That ending.



Believability: No

Chances of Tears: I was in tears all the way through, this was painfully to watch

Chances of Sequel: I HOPE NOT

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Budget: $5 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes


Overall: Just painful to watch and even write about


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