Movie Reviews 101 Going Forward

Movie Reviews 101 Going Forward

2022 has been one of the most difficult years for me in my professional life. I have spent more time developing content for Movie Reviews 101 than ever before. This has seen me diving into anniversary look-backs on movies. Exploring why they didn’t succeed at the Box Office or no longer have the following. I have loved doing these articles, they are so fun to research.

Elsewhere, I was lucky enough to cover a large number of movies from Frightfest this year. I have put more time into getting Netflix movies reviewed on the day of release. The ABC Film Challenge has continued on and is always open for more people to join in.

I would like to thank every PR person that has given me a chance to review upcoming movies. This has given me a chance to see some of my favourites of the year. Without these wonderful people, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

2023 Goals

Moving forward into 2023 I want to continue building what we have and bring in more changes.

The ABC Film Challenge is going to continue, it will have the backbone subjects, Catch-Ups, Oscar Nominations, Favourites, Action, World Cinema, Horror and Looking Forward to 2024. The new or returning subjects include Comedy, Movies from the 2010s, Mystery, Sequels/Remakes and comic books. As previously mentioned, this is always open to anyone who wants to take part, I would like to bring more people together with the idea.

We will continue to support indie films from around the world. If you want your own movie promoted or reviewed, feel free to email

Changes in 2023

I am planning on bringing back video reviews on my YouTube channel. It has been a long time since I did a review on the channel, it is time to return.

I have started a few quizzes; I would like to continue bringing them out usually around the newest releases.

Anniversary release posts are going to continue. Taking a step back 20, 25, 30 etc years to look back at the release of movies has been a lot of fun. There is already a couple of movies lined up in January and I will be bringing more.

Interviews are the biggest thing I would like to think about adding to the site. By having the chance to review some of the latest movies, interviews are always something else that could be used to promote the film in a fun way.

Outside of everything on Movie Reviews 101, I would like to continue to move forward and write in more places. If you would like to have some of my thoughts, quizzes, opinions or anniversary posts elsewhere, let me know.


Movie Reviews 101 wouldn’t be where it is today without its readers. I would like to thank you all for stopping by and reading a review, liking a post or suggesting anything new for the site.

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