Mission: Galaxy (2021) Movie Review

Mission: Galaxy – Enjoyable Family Film


Director: Leo Lee

Writer: Jeffrey Hylton (Screenplay)

Plot: The once beautiful Planet Kepler is now dry and near destruction after its precocious Callaro plant was exploited to extinction. Three brave space kids – Axel, Jono and Gaga – embark on a daring mission to rebuild their desolate planet.

Runtime: 1 Hour 18 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Mission: Galaxy starts as three brave space kids Axel, Jono and Gaga embark on an adventure to search for the Callaro plant, which would look to breath fresh life into the desolate planet they call home.

The three find themselves clashing with a dangerous gang that are trying to use the power of the plant for their own gain, in a way that will give them power, but the three friends must do everything in their power to save the day before it is too late.

Thoughts on Mission: Galaxy

ThoughtsMission Galaxy is a family friendly space adventure, that will show us just how far someone will go to try and save their planet, even if it means diving into a legend that has kept the planet together for generations. The courage to step up and defy the odds placed on front of you will always be an important message when it comes to doing the right thing. The animation style is used to make this have the feeling of a space adventure, dulling certain colours becomes of the bleakness of the world, while bringing us the unique designs of every creature on the planet. We do get the bigger message about treat our world better to give everyone a better future, which is another strong message for an animated movie.

Signature Entertainment presents Mission Galaxy on Digital Platforms 9th August

Final ThoughtsMission: Galaxy is an enjoyable animation with a deeper message about treating your planet with respect.

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