Meteor Moon (2020) Movie Review


Director: Brian Nowak

Writer: Joe Roche (Screenplay)

Starring: Dominique Swain, Michael Broderick, Chris Boudreaux, Jeff Prater, Gary Private, Carol Kaufman, Anna Harr

Plot: When a meteor crashes into the moon and shifts its axis, Earth’s gravity pulls the moon into the path of the planet. Now, a group of scientists must figure out how to stop the moon from hitting the earth before it’s too late.

Tagline – Survival is a long shot

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Meteor Moon starts when a meteor hits the moon, pushing towards Earth for a global impact, now Jim Lawson (Broderick) is recruited by his brother Paul (Boudreaux) to go on a mission of his own creation in an attempt to save the world from the impact that will destroy everything.

The brothers need to get to the lift off despite the earthquakes causing damages between them, as General Hauser (Swain) is doing everything she can to stop a nuclear detonation happening to prevent this.

Thoughts on Meteor Moon

ThoughtsMeteor Moon is another one of these Asylum disaster movies with a huge concept that is more focused on some of the scientific ‘ideas’ behind the need to save the Earth from the Moon, over giving us the big disaster moments. The story is thin and doesn’t really get going in anyway, we have certain side stories which look completely used for filler rather than any point in the story. The performances are not good, the special effects we know aren’t going to be the strongest, but certain scenes involving the car are just terrible. This is a film that seems to have the biggest name standing on the same mark the whole film, just talking with plenty of big words.

Final Thoughts Meteor Moon is another disappointing sci-fi disaster movie that could have used bigger moments of destruction.

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