Magic Boys (2012) Movie Review

Magic Boys is pure late night thriller material.

Director: Robert Koltai, Eva Gardos

Writer: Ico Marloh, Denes Orosz, Robert Koltai (Screenplay) Csaba Pindroch, Zoltan Furedi (Story)

Starring: Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, Pindroch Csaba, Szabo Gyoro, Jamelia, Robert Koltai

Plot: After witnessing a murder, a hapless pair of misfits escape their own near death experience by posing as male strippers. Only to find themselves neck deep in even bigger trouble.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Magic Boys starts as we see the two rival gangsters Terence (Madsen) and Jack Varga (Jones) who are looking to take each other out. Terence running a male stripper unit to help cover up his drug smuggling. Jack wants his product, looking to get someone inside Terence gang.

When two friends on the run take the place of a couple of replacement dancers. They find themselves in London needing to perform for Terence, while escaping Jack’s wrath.

Thoughts on Magic Boys

Magic Boys is a crime thriller that wants to play into the comedy side genre. We see the web of truths and lies coming together as the two gangsters are looking to get one over the other. The two Hungarians caught up in the middle of everything will add the comedy. While the rest of the movie doesn’t seem to get the story as connected as it wants to.

Michael Madsen and Vinnie Jones are enjoying the criminal characters, where they get to play out their tough guy abilities. While the supporting cast don’t get enough out of their own performances. This doesn’t turn out to be the best, it isn’t the worst, if you like tough guy criminal underworld movies, you will get what you want out of this movie.

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