Lection (2019) Movie Review

Director: David Axe

Writer: David Axe (Screenplay)

Starring: Mike Amason, Jennifer Hill, Bradley J Petit, Sanethia Dresch, Darien Cavanaugh

Plot: LECTION is an indie thriller about a local election in a post-apocalyptic society.

Tagline – Vote or die.

Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Nice Spin on the Post-Apocalyptic World

Story: Lection starts in a post-apocalyptic society where scores a settled with fights to the death, where the Mayor (Amason) controls everyone, but when things start to get out of control, he calls for a lection, to see if anyone is willing to challenge him for control.

Dot (Dresch) steps up to challenge for leadership, which sees her needing to bring the society together to show what she would want to change in the community, which does show how the two sides are looking to create something different between them.

Thoughts on Lection

Final Thoughts This is a very unique shot movie, with very little dialogue required to tell the simple story of people wanting power in a post-apocalyptic world, everything is done by emotions, unevolved language, for example using the term Lection over Election, this shows us how long the world has been like this, what the people would have been through to survive in a peaceful environment. By having little dialogue, we don’t get to learn too much about the characters, other than that the Mayor has been using too much control over everyone, we don’t see any barbaric behaviour from the person in power either. It does show us how an election can bring out true colours, showing what people will stand for or against. Certain scenes do feel overly draw out, where we are dialogue free, it is about actions, with some scenes not having much going on. With strong performances from Mike Amason and Sanethia Dresch as the opposing leaders.

Overall: Tension Filled

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