Kajillionaire (2020) Movie Review

Director: Miranda July

Writer: Miranda July (Screenplay)

Starring: Richard Jenkins, Debra Winger, Evan Rachel Wood, Patricia Belcher, Kim Estes, Gina Rodriguez

Plot: A woman’s life is turned upside down when her criminal parents invite an outsider to join them on a major heist they’re planning.

Runtime: 1 Hour 44 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Kajillionaire starts as we meet a family of criminals, Robet (Jenkins), Theresa (Winger) and Old Dolio (Wood) who are always looking to make a quick score to survive, never making any major money, just getting by. On their latest job they meet Melina (Rodriguez) who the parents invite to join in the latest couple of jobs. This will leave a divide between Old Dolio and her parents, until Melina starts to show Old Dolio another side to life, one she has never experienced before.

Thoughts on Kajillionaire

ThoughtsKajillionaire is a crime story about trying to find your place in the world, as youngest member of a family Old Dolio starts feeling out of place within her family of criminals, never getting to experience the world for herself before. This is a strange story that always feels more like something more should be happening, without giving us too much to go with. It is a lot of nothing, despite having a message about trying to make sure everyone is included. The performances are just as quirky as they need to be through the film, with the settings showing us the different locations the jobs can take place in, each showing what the group are after.

Final ThoughtsKajillionaire is a strange film that doesn’t seem to get going.

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  1. Terrific review…we hated it, after really wanting to love it…then like it…then wonder why we were watching it at all…what a disappointment

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