Jurassic Island (2022) Movie Review

Jurassic Island is a nice low budget dinosaur flick, that lacks intensity.

Jurassic Island Poster

Director: Dominic Ellis

Writer: Dominic Ellis, Tom Jolliffe (Screenplay)

Starring: Nicola Wright, Sarah T Cohen, Ray Whelan, Howard J Davey, Kate Sandison, Jamila Wingett

Plot: A group of explorers find themselves on an unknown Island surrounded by “extinct animals”.

Runtime: 1 Hour 17 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Jurassic Island starts when Ava (Cohen) learns about the information about her father’s latest search for her grandfather. The island he vanished on decades before.

Ava will lead a search mission with Cassie (Wingett), Michael (Freitas), Luke (Stoneman) and Tommy (Whelan). Travelling to the island, where they will find themselves face up against extinct animals, in a battle to survive.

Thoughts on Jurassic Island

Characters & Performances

Ava has gone in search of her father, using her training in crisis situations to plan against any problems they would have. Deciding to lead a team in search of answers about what happened to her father in his search for her grandfather. She is the strongest member of the team. Stepping up through any situations the team finds themselves in, handle human and animal problems they will face.

When it comes to the supporting cast, we have Cassie the expert on the extinct. Tommy the concerned boyfriend of Ava wanting to make sure she is safe. Along others to make up for the body count required. The performances in the film are strong throughout without having to do anything near the levels of the actors in the bigger Jurassic franchise.


The story here will follow a group of people who go in search of a mysterious island with extinct creatures. Where they will find themselves needing to battle to survive against once extinct enemies. The core side of the story is simple enough and will give the motivation required to go on the journey. It does fall with the simple wandering around the island without getting many answers.

ThemesJurassic Island is an action sci-fi movie that will use the love of dinosaurs to bring to life the idea, the basic running from dinosaurs, is simple enough, though the location never feels like an unexplored island. The effects are not the best either, showing us the CGI dinosaurs and gore, along with what happens to the infected people we meet.

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  1. Two ways to know this is a knock off of the huge franchise: no recognizable names in the cast, and the film’s running time is half of the other, more bloated ones! Maybe that’s a plus!

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