Movie Reviews 101 Halloween Midnight Horror – Julia X (2011)

logoDirector: P.J. Pettiette

Writer: Matt Cunningham (Screenplay) P.J. Pettiette (Story)

Starring: Valerie Azlynn, Kevin Sorbo, Alicia Leigh Willis, Joel David Moore, Ving Rhames, Gregg Brazzel


Plot: Meeting a man on the Internet, Julia decides to see him in person, only to get abducted and branded with the letter “x” by that guy. A game of cat and mouse follows, but the story has an unexpected twist.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: The Deadliest Battle of the Sexes


Story: Julia X starts by strangers who have met on the internet meet up for the first time Julia (Azlynn) leaves the stranger (Sorbo) hanging but she is in for a big surprise when the stranger just so happens to be a serial killer who has been meeting woman on the internet and abducting before killing them. The Stranger brands his victims with an X before taking the victims to his next location.

Julia tries her best to escape his clutches and for a serial killer he makes a lot of sloppy mistakes. Julia keeps escaping and going on the run but the Stranger remains calm each time as he finds her in what is turning into a cat and mouse chase. When a surprise twist in events shows Julia working with Jessica (Willis) and has been trying to trap men who mistreat women for their own devilish revenge plans.

Jessica always kept in the shadows on Julia’s ways bring in her own bait Sam (Moore), this displeases Julia because it breaks the rules of picking someone close to home and you can’t take a local. After the Stranger escapes it pretty much becomes a freefall between the girls and him to who will survive.

Julia X poses the idea of serial killer versus serial killer, which on paper is fine  but it goes wrong because both serial killers don’t release they are hunting serial killers until it is too late. The story jumps between who is most likely to survive as well as taking its time to shown Julia and Jessica’s motives for doing what they do. It is easy to follow and the twists seem clear once you have read the basic description of the film so don’t expect any surprises. The flow also feels slightly slow and as for the final fight the clichéd jokes about the opposite sex get boring quickly. (5/10)


Actor Review


Valerie Azlynn: Julia starting off as a victim of a serial killer it soon becomes apparent that she has targeted this man for her own ideas of revenge. Valerie does a solid job and looks the part of the femme fatale. (6/10)


Kevin Sorbo: The Stranger is a serial killer who brands all his victims with an X but it turns out that Julia isn’t going to just be another victim of his. Kevin does a solid job as the killer but struggles to convince because of the poor decisions he makes early on. (5/10)


Alicia Leigh Willis: Jessica sister who gets fed up of being just the partner in the kills, she takes her own kill but breaks the rules by picking a local. Alicia does a solid job as the young killer in the making. (5/10)


Support Cast: Julia X really doesn’t have much of a supporting cast with only two other actors making an appearance and not for long we don’t really need a supporting cast though.


Director Review: P.J. Pettiette – P.J. does a solid job with this but it does feel like it should have had more blood and gore or more tension. (5/10)


Horror: Julia X gets lost between torture porn ideas in a slasher type environment without using either strength. (4/10)

Thriller: Julia X doesn’t pull you in like it should. (4/10)

Settings: Julia X keeps the settings easy with everywhere seemingly abandoned, but isolated which is always good for horror. (8/10)

Suggestion: Julia X is a late night TV experience only, I don’t see people going on of their way to see it but if it’s on try it. (Late Night TV)


Best Part: Comic tone between Julia and the Stranger.

Worst Part: Not enough potential twists.


Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: IT is left open for one but I doubt it.

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Budget: $4 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes


Overall: This pretty much is extreme dating to say the least.

Rating 51

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