Jack Be Nimble (2022) Movie Review ‘Fun Horror Comedy’

Jack Be Nimble – Fun Horror Comedy

Director: Steve Wollett

Writer: Steve Wollett (Screenplay)

Starring: Bai Ling, Vernon Wells, Brent Moorer Gaskins, Amber Martinez, Elizabeth Gribbon McCullough

Plot: A group of tabletop gamers, living in a retirement home, come face to face with their frailty, as one of them becomes convinced that a demon is killing the residents.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Jack Be Nimble starts as resident of a retirement home Jack (Wells) starts to believe that there is an evil presence in the home, turning to the other residents for help, only for them to dismiss this.

When Jack works out that Nurse Edmond (Ling) is behind the evil, the two come into a battle between good and evil to save the friends in the home, while she must complete her mission for her own freedom.

Thoughts on Jack Be Nimble

ThoughtsJack Be Nimble is a horror comedy that is in the same group as Bubba-Ho-Tep, following residents in a retirement home needing to fight back an evil within the home feeding on their souls. The film does an excellent job of balancing the good and evil, showing both sides having their own inner conflicts. This battle between good and evil, using the religious ideas of heaven or hell, will make the decisions interesting to watch. The performances from the cast are great with Bai Ling and Vernon Wells taking this roles to the top levels. The supporting cast will bring the laughs along the way too. The weakness in this film does come from the special effects, which will not be up to the standard many people would come to expect in horror comedies.

Final Thoughts Jack Be Nimble is a fun horror comedy in the battle between good and evil.

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