Asian Horror Weekend – Pulse (2001)


Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa

Writer: Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Screenplay)

Starring: Haruhiko Kato, Kumiko Aso, Koyuki, Kurume Arisaka, Masatoshi Matsuo, Shinji Takeda, Jun Fubuki, Shun Sugata

Plot: Japanese university students investigate a series of suicides linked to an Internet Web cam that promises visitors the chance to interact with the dead.

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: Haunting Horror

Story: Pulse starts by making it all a flashback as we follow a group of university students Toshio (Matsuo), Michi (Aso) Junko (Arisaka) as they try to figure out what has happened to tech savy Taguchi (Mizuhashi) who has been working on a disc for over a week. The scene changes when he kills himself leaving the friends to wonder what happened.

When the Ryosuke (Kato) start investigating the disc that was made they find themselves getting the message ‘would you like to meet a ghost’? Followed by clips of suicide from around Japan. He turns to Harue (Koyuki) a computer science student for answer while Michi tries to solve the situation from her idea of the story.

When they figure out about the ghosts trying to come back from the dead it is only a matter of time before they become the latest targets of the deadly spirits.

Pulse brings us into an everyday world which suddenly starts getting infected with something very different, ghosts coming through the computers. At the time of releases in 2001 this would have been when computers were first becoming affordable for everyone which plays into this perfectly because it shows how the people could easily get infected could have become if this was real. I really think this is such a simple idea of horror because it is something that could just happen rather than a created horror which is always a great side for horror. (8/10)

Actor Review

Haruhiko Kato: Ryosuke receives a message which leads him to a link that asks him if he wants to meet a ghost, he ends up teaming up with Harue as they try to understand the message leading to everything coming out little by little. Haruhiko does a good job in this role looking convincing with his fear throughout. (7/10)

Kumiko Aso: Michi Kudo is friends with the first victim Taguchi and as she along with her friends try to understand what is happening the friends fall victim of this mysterious phenomenon while she has to find away to fight back and survive. Kumiko does well in this role keeping calm when she needs to be and looking scared when it calls for it. (7/10)

Koyuki: Harue is a student in computer science that works with Ryosuke to try and understand the video clips where she ends up getting too deeply involved with the meaning from all the clips. Koyuki does a good job as the one who uncovers most of what is happening. (7/10)

Support Cast: Pulse has a supporting cast that are all mostly the victims of what is going on as our leading characters witness the changes happening.

Director Review: Kiyoshi KurosawaKiyoshi brings us some genuine scares from start until finish. (8/10)

Horror: Pulse has well built up horror moments that mix creepiness with suspense to shock you each time. (9/10)

Thriller: Pulse keeps you guessing until the end how characters will die along with how they will survive. (8/10)

Settings: Pulse keeps the settings very simple making them all feel like everyday for each character involved. (8/10)
Special Effects: Pulse has great special effects to create the scares with the ghosts (8/10)

Suggestion: Pulse is one for all the true horror fans to watch, it is all suspense filled. (Horror Fans Watch)

Best Part: Ghost in the warehouse.

Worst Part: When you are watching a horror like this I always find it hard when I have to read the subtitles.

Oh My God Moment: Forbidden room.

Scariest Scene: Sofa ghost.

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No, only an American remake.

Post Credits Scene: No

Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 58 Minutes

Tagline: Yûrei ni aitai desu ka? (Do you want to meet a ghost?)

Overall: Suspense filled horror that is filled with scares



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    Hmm. Nice review. I’ve been wanting to check this one out someday! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the great horror review. Is it subtitled or dubbed? I have to tell you I’m not into subtitles as much these days.

    • this copy i had bought was subtites but i am sure there is a dubbed version, the American version actually makes more sense by the time it got released though

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