It Is In Us All (2022) Movie Review

It Is In Us All – Movie Review

It Is In Us All

Director: Antonia Campbell-Hughes

Writer: Antonia Campbell-Hughes (Screenplay)


Plot: A formidable man who cares for nothing is forced to confront his self-destructive core when a violent car crash involving a sexually charged boy who epitomizes life, challenges him to face his truth.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: It Is In Us All starts as a city man Hamish (Jarvis) heads to Ireland to see the closing deal for his Aunt’s home. Hamish is involved in a violent car crash, one that leaves a teenager dead and another Evan (Mannion) befriending Hamish.

As Hamish looks to learn about his past and his mother’s connection to the area. He finds himself getting caught up in a strange series of friendships with Evan and other locals. This gives him a chance to face his relationship with his father.

Verdict on It Is In Us All

It Is In Us All is a drama that follows a man that gets seriously injured in a car accident. He finds himself confronting his own relationship with his father, as he explores his mother’s past. It shows the pain suffered from an accident and what effects it has on the lives of the people involved.

The pace of the movie is slow-moving, as we follow Hamish on his journey to understand his past. He gets to see how life could have been different but not enough for him to want to walk around him.

Cosmo Jarvis is fantastic in the leading role. He brings the emotional punch needed in his performance, one that makes you stop and think about what has been going through his character’s mind.

Final Thoughts It Is In Us All is a powerful drama with a heavyweight performance from Cosmo Jarvis.

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