Immortal (2019) Movie Review


Directors: Tom Colley, Jon Dabach, Danny Isaacs, Rob Margolies

Writer: Jon Dabach (Screenplay)

Starring: Tony Todd, Dylan Baker, Samm Levine, Robin Bartlett, Agnes Bruckner, Lindsay Mushett

Plot: Thrown into the face of death only to emerge unharmed, the characters of Immortal are left staring at eternity in the face with uncertainty and fear like they’ve never imagined. The film follows Chelsea, a high school track star who comes clean about sexual misconduct with her coach only to find out her confession might be too late, Gary and Vanessa, a young, expecting married couple who scheme a morbid solution to their financial issues, Ted, a man filled with sorrow who agrees to euthanize his cancer-ridden wife Mary, and Warren, a young man with little direction in life who is forced to discover his new gifts after a tragic accident.

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Immortal starts when high school athlete Chelsea (Mushett) finds herself being targeted by a predatory coach, which sees her being abducted by another teacher Mr Shagis (Baker) who uses his weekends to hunt people, claiming he is immortal and nothing she can do, will stop him entertaining himself, giving her a chance to run for help.

We jump to a new story with couple Vanessa (Bruckner) and Gary (Edwards) who are expecting their first child, when Gary is looking to make money fast and stop struggling through each day.

Mary (Bartlett) and Ted (Todd) are a couple that are being interviewed, looking at the biggest parts of life, when they come face to face with one of the most difficult decisions in life to help a loved one.

Finally we meet Warren (Levine) a man who doesn’t have much direction in his life that is involved in an accident, learning that he seems to heal himself, he starts to look into what could have caused this.

Thoughts on Immortal

Final Thoughts Immortal is four short stories that are looking at immortality, seeing how people will discover or use their known powers to enjoy the world in their own way. If we are to break down each story, the first one titled Chelsea is easily the most interesting, in fact it is left to feel disappointing because we know we have had so much more from the story, because it shocks us. Vanessa and Gary does feel like the weakest one, with most of it showing desperation over hitting hard with the concept. Mary and Ted brings, us the most serious one, tackling a serious question in life, which does take everything in a new direction for somebody who could be immortal. When it comes to Warren’s chapter we get the darkest side coming back into the story which would make it the most intense. These stories bring a lot to the table and could easily be extended to new heights, which is always an important factor with shorts, whether they could become full features or not.

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