Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012)

Manny, Sid and Diego are back for the fourth instalment of the much loved franchise. The three of them get separated from the rest of the herd during the Continental Divide. Stranded out at sea the meet a group of pirates lead by Captain Gutt who wants their boat.

With a dangerous enemy can our unlike group of heroes make it back to their herd before it is too late?

With the introduction of some new characters including manny and Ellie’s daughter Peaches, a female tiger Shira and a complete mis match of characters on Captain Gutt’s ship. Scrat has some of the loudest laugh out loud moments which include some very funny culture references.

I feel this could be the best one since the original I enjoyed the the adventure the leads go on and still loved Sid’s character as clumsy but occasional smart comments. I think if you liked the first three you will enjoy this one.

My rating is 86%


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