I Am Toxic (2018) Movie Review


Director: Pablo Pares

Writer: Pablo Pares, Paulo Soria, Daniel de la Vega (Screenplay)

Starring: Esteban Prol, Horacio Fontova, Sergio Pedelei, Gaston Cocchiarale, Fini Bocchino, Veronica Intile

Plot: Year 2101. The southern hemisphere of planet Earth has become the world’s garbage dump. In the middle of this enormous cemetery, a man will wake up without remembering anything about his past, his present or why he is there.

Runtime: 1 Hour 16 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: I Am Toxic starts when a man wakes up alone in the garbage dump of a desert, his memory gone, his hunger high, leading him to turn to the first body for food, learning the world does have a danger, zombies, saved by another man who takes him back to their compound, given the name Dog, as they others plan to toy with him.

After the man manages to escape, he finds himself in a battle to survive against the gang who have their own sick and twisted fantasy in this world destroyed.

Thoughts on I Am Toxic

ThoughtsI Am Toxic is Argentina’s creation for the zombie world, calling them ‘Dried Ones’ who roam the open world, here we follow a man with Amnesia trying to figure out what has happened and why he is there, needing to fight to survive against the Mad Max like villains roaming the wasteland. This will continue the trend of the zombie film, showing us the biggest villains come from the humans alive in them over the zombies themselves, bring the full 80’s feel to the story that will get compared to Mad Max all day long. We do get solid enough performances through the film, where nobody is over the top, which can be the villains weakness in other films. The world created is wonderful, feeling dark, hopeless and empty, which helps us dive into this world. If you are a fan of zombie films, this is going to be one you will enjoy yourself watching, ticking off everything you would expect to see from the world we are entering.

Final Thoughts I Am Toxic is a zombie film that creates a brilliant world filled with the hopeless environment needing to create the whole atmosphere.

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