How to Get Girls (2017)

Director: Omri Dorani, Zach Fox

Writer: Omri Dorani, Zach Fox (Screenplay)

Starring: Martin Cervantez, Zach Fox, David Koechner, Kate Flannery, Meghan Roberts


Plot: A nerdy high schooler exploits his childhood best friend’s newly found good looks to climb the popularity chain.

Tagline – High School Is So Weird.

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Pure Trash


Story: How to Get Girls starts Zach (Fox) and Ben (Cervantez) that spent years apart reunite in high school after Ben has been away and changed being the most attractive guy in the school, while Zach is still the geek left behind, that is always bullied and doesn’t get the girls.

Zach learns that he now has an in, with Ben, while Ben just wants to continue with the old comic book dream, can the two old friends put their new differences a side to enjoy the high school experience.


Thoughts on How to Get Girls


Characters – Zach has been going through the high school experience, bullied and desperate to get with girls, it is clearly his mentality that has stopped him getting a girl, because he is an asshole that just assumes women should fall for him no matter what he does. Ben has been raised away from the normal, returning to his new experience only to have changed his appearance from the short tubby kid, now he wants to live a normal life, only to be thrown into the mix of this sex driven world. Principal B is overly involved in the student lives, he knows about their sex lives and heads to the parties, he is the only part of the film that might laughs out of this film.

PerformancesThis is one of the hardest film to judge the performances of the actors in, Zach Ford is painful to watch, he is just so annoying, Martin Cervantez does better, being the stranger to this world. David Koechner is the only positive part of this film, he gets the most inappropriate lines in the film.

StoryThe story here follows a teenager who has become obsessed with sex during his high school time, whose best friend is finally return to him home town and hasn’t changed his mindset only he has become the attraction to the high school girls. It is a test of friendship and sex, the problem comes from the fact we should have interesting core to this film about friendship, only spend nearly every other moment talking about what Zach wants to do with girls, thinking every girl should be willing to sleep with him. This does become horrible to watch because no high school acts like this and no person will ever be like these teenagers.

ComedyYou might laugh once and that is being generous.

SettingsThe film is set in a random town in America, it has the usual locations of high school and house parties, it is nothing you have seen before

Scene of the Movie –
Stop sign.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Just Zach in general.

Final ThoughtsThis is a painful movie that just drags along without giving us anything redeeming in anyway.


Overall: Just awful.




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  1. I thought it was actually funny and quite entertaining
    The story was not great but there we’re quite a bunch of good laughing parts. My whole family and friends couldn’t stop laughing.

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