Holy Shit! (2022) Frightfest Movie Review


Holy Shit! – Frightfest Movie Review

Director: Lukas Rinker

Writer: Lukas Rinker (Screenplay)


  • Thomas Niehaus
  • Gedeon Burkhard
  • Uke Bosse
  • Friederike Kempter
  • Rodney Charles

Plot: Architect Frank wakes up from unconsciousness, squashed in a porta-potty. But it gets worse: In order not to be blown up during the imminent demolition, Frank must make his way out of his blue grave in one hour. A race against time.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Holy Shit! Starts when Frank Lamm (Neihaus) wakes up in an unconscious state to find his arm impaled in a porta-potty. As Frank searches for a solution to escaping, he tries to contact Horst (Burkhard). He realises the building where the porta-potty is, will be demolished in an hour, leaving him racing against time to escape.

As the time ticks down, Frank starts remembering how he ended up in the porta-potty. This leads him down the path to escape, even if it means putting himself through more pain.

Verdict on Holy Shit!


Frank Lamm finds himself impaled in a porta-potty on a demolition site. He can’t remember why he is there, but he knows he is against the clock to escape. Frank must use his resources to learn the truth and escape.

In the supporting characters, we meet Horst and Bob who are working with Frank on this job. They are the two people that Frank tries to communicate with before the demolition.


Thomas Neihaus gives us a performance that brings a more comedic vision of what Ryan Reynolds gave us in ‘Buried’. We see the different range of emotions he is going through, which Thomas shows wonderfully too. The supporting cast gets to shine in their moments, which shows the eccentric figures we meet along the way.


The story follows a man who finds himself impaled in a porta-potty on a demolition site, that must figure out how to escape before the time runs out.

This is a lot like ‘Buried’ only it has a much more comedic tone going through it. It goes through the race to figure out how to escape each situation. As we watch the different problem-solving being done to escape. There are twists along the way, which will see Frank needing to understand why he is there in the first place. Outside of this, there isn’t too much more to the story, because it is kept simple and effective.


Holy Shit! Is a horror comedy that uses the horror of being trapped in a time situation. While having comedy to lighten the mood, as the silly things keep happening, despite the race against time. The porta-potty is an interesting and effective location to be used, as it keeps everything contained for the movie. Each different item within the porta-potty is used to try and solve the problem, with some successful and some comedic failures.

Final ThoughtsHoly Shit! Is a fun contained horror comedy.

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