Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers (2020) Movie Review


Hawk & Rev Vampire Slayers – Silly & Fun

Director: Ryan Barton-Grimley

Writer: Ryan Barton-Grimley (Screenplay)

Starring: Ryan Barton-Grimley, Ari Schneider, Jana Savage, Jeff Lorch, Casey Graf, David Rickabaugh

Plot: Philip “HAWK” Hawkins doesn’t just dream about killing vampires – He eats, sleeps, drinks and freakin’ breaths it. After getting kicked out the Army for staking a fellow soldier with a blunt two by four, Hawk almost dies of boredom working as a night security guard in his hometown of Santa Muerte, California – USA. Just when it looks like all Hawk’s options in life have expired, filthy blood-sucking vampires appear and of course – Nobody freakin’ believes him. With his back up against the wall, his sweaty Karate Kid headband on and hordes of murderous vampires closing in, Hawk enlists the help of the one person who kind of believes him – Revson “REV” McCabe, a dimwitted, vegan-pacifist groundskeeper. Together they join forces to save the whole entire freakin’ world. Well, at least their hometown anyway.

Tagline – Slay time is over… or is it?!

Runtime: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Hawk & Rev Vampire Slayers starts as we meet former soldier turned security guard Philip Hawk Hawkins (Barton-Grimley) who has been having problems understand what is real or not in life. Hawk’s best friend Revson ‘Rev’ McCabe (Schneider) does help him in his battle to prove vampires are real, with the rest of people around them don’t believe them.

As Hawk and Rev find themselves in a position where they believe they have found a new vampire, they must put a team together to defeat the creature praying on the residents, only without causing violence.

Thoughts on Hawk & Rev Vampire Slayers

Characters & Performances – Hawk is a former soldier that has seen himself discharged and ending up in a security job, not being able to handle life on an everyday basis, mixing his mind with reality, wanting to fight vampires. He knows who he can trust and must turn to them to try and defeat the one he has found in the area. Rev is the best friend that is always supporting Hawk through the troubles he is facing, he will join the fight back against vampires, but doesn’t want to be violent. The pair Ryan Barton-Grimley and Ari Schneider work well in their roles, if they aren’t together the film would suffer, with the strong chemistry they show. Theo becomes the latest member of the team who has been waiting for fight vampires for a while, she will offer up a love interest but not one Hawk can just get. We do meet other people that will get involved in the hunt, that offer extra laughs along the way.

StoryThe story here follows two friends that believe there are vampires in LA and looks to fight back against them despite nobody else believing them and believing they are not stable to be chasing vampire around. This is a story that knows what it is going for, it wants to poke fun at the vampire fighting characters while not being just a complete joke about what we have seen before. The story does have a fun tone, but doesn’t want to tackle the serious side subjects bought up in the story.

ThemesHawk & Rev Vampire Slayers is a horror comedy that brings vampires into the world, while keeping the attacks on a more comedically level with the attacks. We use the LA backdrop to show the different figures we could meet through the adventures in the city.


Hawk & Rev Vampire Slayers is a fun, entertaining movie that can be enjoyed.

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