Halloween Kingathon – Creepshow (1982)

Banner-1logoDirector: George A Romero

Writer: Stephen King (Screenplay)

Starring: Hal Holbrook, Adriene Barbeau, Fritz Weaver, Leslie Nielsen, Ed Harris, Ted Danson, E.G. Marshall,

Plot: Inspired by the E.C. comics of the 1950s, George A. Romero and Stephen King bring five tales of terror to the screen.

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: Terror Filled Tales

Story Reviews

The Crate: The Crate centres around a mysterious crate found under the stairs of a university, the label says it is over 100 years old but the doctors at the university decide to look into the crate, Dexter (Weaver) opens the crate only to find an ape like creature inside, one that has a lust for blood where he turns to Henry (Holbrook) a fellow professor for help, but he has is own ideas for the crate. This story has a great creature feature feel to it with the psychological side of the story when it come to Henry’s visions. (7/10)

Father’s Day: The story starts in a rich society where Hank (Harris) who seems like an everyday life, he joins the rest of the family as they hope to inherit the remaining money as they wait for Aunt Bedelia (Lindfors) the lady with most of the money after she killed her father. This Father’s Day things take a turn when Aunt Bedelia’s father returns from the dead in search of his cake and the living. Father’s Day was a good start to the set of stories as it is filled with plenty of blood and gore. (7/10)

Something to Tide You Over: This one starts with Richard Vickers (Nielsen) confronting his wife’s lover Harry (Danson) to let him listen to the recording of his wife screaming before forcing Harry to come with him on a journey. The journey leads to the beach where Richard forces Harry to bury himself in the sand where he leaves Harry to die, but this is a horror film and the dead don’t stay dead when both Harry and Rebecca come back from the dead for revenge. This is the story that always sticks with me because of the pure terror in what the characters go through. (8/10)

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill: When as meteor crash lands in Jordy Verrill (King) land he sees it as a pay day, but how does he get the meteor to the science department. After Jordy touches the meteor he finds himself becoming infected and slowly starting to grow a new life form. This story gives us the idea of growing out of control once a new life form comes to Earth, it works well but will easily be one to forget. (5/10)

They’re Creeping Up On You: Upson Pratt (Marshall) has a bug phobia in a futuristic world in his germ free apartment that has a cockroaches problem, a problem that will end up causing him to suffer a terrifying night. This really is the most horrific of all the stories being told. (8/10)

Director Review: George A Romero George gives us a brilliant mix of horror through each of the tale. (8/10)

Comedy: Creepshow has a couple of good comedy moments with most of the film being based on horror. (7/10)

Horror: Creepshow has different style of horror for each story that all work very well to create horror themes throughout. (8/10)

Settings: Creepshow uses a mix of different settings for each story and it would be fair to say it is important to each individual story. (9/10)
Special Effects: Creepshow has endless brilliant special effects used throughout. (10/10)

Suggestion: Creepshow is one for all the horror fans to sit down and enjoy as the story unfolds. (Horror Fans Watch)

Best Part: Something to Tide You Over.

Worst Part: Jordy story.

Kill Of The Film: Billy.

Scariest Scene: Creeping on you

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: Has two sequels

Post Credits Scene: No

Oscar Chances: No

Budget: $8 Million

Runtime: 2 Hours

Tagline: From the Masters of Terror and the Macabre… (George A. Romero & Stephen King)

Trivia: Ted Danson, who played Harry Wentworth in “Something to Tide You Over”, said in a T.V. interview that his daughter was on the set during the scene where his character returns from the dead encased in rotting flesh and seaweed. He purposely tried avoiding his young daughter out of fear of scaring her. Finally, despite his best efforts, she went up to him, looked at him and simply said, “Oh, hi Dad.”

Overall: Great mix of horror throughout, a true mix of camp fire stories.

Rating 75


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