Good Posture (2019) Movie Review

Good Posture – Movie Review

Good Posture

Director: Dolly Wells

Writer: Dolly Wells (Screenplay)

Starring: Grace Van Patten, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Timm Sharp, John Early, Emily Mortimer

Plot: Set in current day Brooklyn, Good Posture is the gentle comedy story of a lazy but charming and beautiful young woman who has got used to using men to make her life easier, but after finally pushing one man too far, is forced to discover that she can live a happier life by taking responsibility for herself and not rely on those around her as easy props.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Good Posture starts when Lilian (Van Patten) finds herself dumped by her boyfriend Nate (Richardson), with her father’s connections finding her a place to stay with Don (Moss-Bachrach) and reclusive author Julia Price (Mortimer) where she must learn to grow up in New York.

As Lilian finds herself only having contact with a dog walker, she finds herself telling a story about a documentary she is making about Julia, one that will see her make friends with people that want to get to know why Julia is now so reclusive.

Thoughts on Good Posture

Good Posture is a comedy drama following a young woman who finds herself alone in New York. Where she is taken in by in by a reclusive author, who starts to teach her a few new things about life. This shows how she isn’t doing too much she should, until she starts trying to make a documentary about the author.

The story will show how life doesn’t always go the way you plan, sometimes you will need a push to kick start things in life too. The performances are solid enough, without getting into enough pure emotions of what is happening in the character’s lives. New York will always make for a brilliant backdrop to a story where someone is only trying to find themselves.

Final Thoughts Good Posture is a solid enough life finding drama.

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