Getting Toasted (2022) Movie Review ‘Wonderful’

Getting Toasted – Wonderful

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Director: Casey Zilbert

Writer: Casey Zilbert (Screenplay)

Starring: Hayden J Weal, Nick Davies, Gemma Knight, Steve Barr, Katrine George, Simon Waghorn

Plot: Friends on an epic wine tasting weekend attempt to cheer up their heartbroken buddy after he’s dumped just days before his wedding. With a beautiful vineyard and all the wine intended for the wedding at their disposal, a life changing extravaganza of food, wine, and shenanigans sets them on a new path and proves once and for all that nothing heals a broken heart like good wine and good friends. 

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Getting Toasted starts when Harry (Weal) finds his wedding plans torn apart from his fiancée Fiona (Zilbert). Turning to his best friend Ants (Davies) to take him and their other friend Jess (Knight) for a weekend away. Where the wedding was going to take place.

The three are joined by Fiona’s Uncle Jake (Barr). Who never got the news about the wedding and Jess’s half sister Bella (George). As they five look to have an entertaining weekend away, where truths about their problems will come to light as they come together in their time of needs

Thoughts on Getting Toasted

Characters & Performances

Harry is the man who sees his wedding cancelled last minute, leaving him shaken by the news. His best friends surround themselves around him to give him a weekend. Where he can take his mind off everything and look back at the memories they made together as he looks to heal.

Ants is one of the best friends. He has always been the loudest free-spirited member of the friendship never looking to settle down for anything. Having wild adventures projects or at least stories about them. He does have a something personal he needs to get off his chest, but never knows how to talk to his friends.

Jess is the other friend who is there for Harry, she has changed since their earlier years together. Not being as wild as the others remember, the change is noticeable and when her half-sister arrives. We can see why the changes have happened.

Bella is the half-sister who hasn’t seen Jess in a long time, the two-need time to get together about what they have been through. Jake is the surprise visitor for the wedding from Fiona’s side of the family, unaware of the cancellation. He will get invited to stay, offering more words of wisdom that the friends needed in their lives. The five stars of the movie are great together, showing a great bond between the three closer friends. While Steve Barr as the outsider is waiting to join the stories.


Getting Toasted follows three friends that come together to help one deal with the sudden cancellation of the wedding. The friends are joined by a couple of other guests who missed the information about the wedding cancellation. They get to talk about their own life’s problems, the ones they need to fix before it is too late. Showing friendship is the most important thing to have around when life isn’t going the way you had planned. There is a lot of heart in this story, while letting everything feel like a nature escape from life. Something everyone needs with the people around them.

ThemesGetting Toasted is a comedy drama looking to make the most of the memories and new adventures friends have when they need it. The film is shot on a vineyard in the New Zealand which shows us the beautiful getaway they have to let everything out.

Final Thoughts Getting Toasted is a delightful walk down friendship lane.

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