Gameboys: The Movie (2021) Movie Review

Gameboys: The Movie – Movie Review


Director: Ivan Andrew Payawal

Writer: Ash Malanum, Jun Lana (Screenplay)


  • Kokoy De Santos
  • Elijah Canlas
  • Adrianna So
  • Kyle Velino
  • Miggy Jimenez

Plot: Gamers turned lovers Cairo and Gavreel spend time together a few weeks before Cairo returns to his province. Their relationship is tested as they have to deal with distance, the pandemic, fate and circumstances.

Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Gameboys: The Movie starts as we meet the two gamers and lovers Gavreel (De Santos) and Cairo (Canlas). As the pandemic comes over the world, the couple lives together, unable to see many of their friends and family.

The couple’s friends bring more drama into their lives, as jealousy starts taking over life for the couple. All this with the pressure of knowing Cairo is going to be returning to his province in a matter of weeks.

Verdict on Gameboys: The Movie

Gameboys: The Movie is a follow-up to the television show of the same name. this picks ups with the couple now established and looking to start the next chapter of their lives together.

In this romance movie, we get to see close-knit friends that have had dramas going on around them. They struggle with knowing they are going in different directions but at the end of the time together.

The performances from the whole cast are strong and you did feel like this is a world we can return to. It seems like we have more stories to tell around these characters.

Final ThoughtsGameboys: The Movie is a nice romance.

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