Franchise Weekend – Robocop 2 (1990)

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Plot: Cyborg law enforcer Robocop protects the citizens of Detroit by taking on a powerful drug syndicate, while a renegade OCP executive tries to create a new, superior Robocop using a crime lord as its subject.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Weak Sequel


Story: Robocop 2 starts with the city still covered in crime and most of the police force on strike but Robocop (Weller) and his partner Anne Lewis (Allen) still fighting the good fight. The Old Man (O’Herlihy) is still looking for the next level of robot enforcers being created and this time it is up for Dr Juliette Faxx (Bauer).

We have a new drug taking over the town created by Cain (Noonan) with the face of the sales on young boy Hob (Damon) which puts the cogs into Robocop arresting him because he can’t hurt children. When Robocop gets taken apart by Cain he is reprogrammed to be softer and weaker but once he reprograms himself t want to take out Cain.

Robocop 2 tries to continue the story the first one started with one corporation is trying to control the city including the police. We do have a new criminal threat and making one of the top bosses being a kid does come off original. In the end this is kind of the same as the original where it doesn’t end up giving us too much more that extra levels to everything involved in the first film.


Actor Review


Peter Weller: Robocop is one of the few men still fighting crime in the city but when his programming gets tested he finds himself being rebuilt and reprogrammed to be softer. Fighting the programming Robocop decides he wants to take on all the criminals just like before but this time he will meet a new match. Peter is good in this role without reaching all the levels he did last time out.

Nancy Allen: Anne Lewis is the partner of Robocop who instantly see the change in him trying to make sure he goes back to be the crime fighting machine he was designed to be. Nancy seems to get forgotten during the second half of this film.

Daniel O’Herlihy: The Old Man is still trying to find the best robotic law enforcement he can, well the one that can make him the most money and this time he turns to Juliette Faxx. Daniel is good in this role actually being involved more this time around.

Belinda Bauer: Juliette Faxx is the doctor working on the new idea in crime fighting, her idea is to use criminals to make the next robocops but does she know what she is getting herself into. Belinda is solid in this role but I don’t see the same swagger the two had in the first film.

Support Cast: Robocop 2 has a supporting cast that doesn’t have the biggest involvement in the film with most being the criminals Cain and Gabe who are the highlights of the film.

Director Review: Irvin KershnerIrvin gives us a solid sequel but not one that is as memorable as the original.


Action: Robocop 2 has the same violent action being used throughout even if it isn’t as strong as the previous outing.

Crime: Robocop 2 continues to show the crime wave going on inside the city with a new danger.

Sci-Fi: Robocop 2 puts us in the future where robot police officers are still being looked at as an option to fight crime.

Settings: Robocop 2 keeps us in the same city showing the two sides of the crimes inside the city.
Special Effects
: Robocop 2 has special effects that have started to look bad now.

Suggestion: Robocop 2 is one to only try it doesn’t have the iconic imaginary the original had. (Try It)


Best Part: Gabe is a great villain.

Worst Part: You feel the doctor is very forced.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: Yes

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Budget: $35 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 57 Minutes

Tagline: Even in the future of law enforcement there is room for improvement.


Overall: A sequel that doesn’t reach the same levels as the original.




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