For Jojo (2022) Movie Review

For Jojo – Movie Review

For Jojo Poster

Director: Barbara Ott

Writer: Stefanie Ren (Screenplay)


  • Nina Gummich (Bridges of Spies)
  • Caro Cult (Nightlife)
  • Steven Sowah
  • Louis Nitsche (The Four of Us)
  • Susanne Bredehoft (The Princess and the Warrior)

Plot: Since childhood, Jojo and Paula have been inseparable. When Jojo falls in love, Paula does everything she can to stop Jojo from making the biggest mistake of her life: getting married.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: For Jojo starts as two best friends Paula (Cult) and Jojo (Gummich) go their separate ways for the first time in years. Jojo moves to an island for work, and meets Daniel (Sowah), falling in love.

Paula isn’t happy with the distance between the two and when Jojo comes back to announce they are getting married. It sends Paula down a depressive spiral, knowing she would have to continue her own struggle alone.

Verdict on For Jojo


Paula has always loved her life with her best friend, parties and not needing to take life too seriously. She is already upset that she will become separated from work. The marriage announcement drives her over the edge, thinking it is a mistake, not wanting to accept her friend’s decision to be happy. She needs to learn to grow up and accept more responsibility in life.

Jojo is the best friend that has always partied with Paula. She has taken a job away from Paula, which leads to her falling in love. Wanting nothing more than her best friend’s support, she finds herself dealing with hatred against this decision.

Daniel is the man that Jojo is planning on marrying, he is caught in the middle of the friendship, hoping Paula can come around to him. We don’t get to meet many other characters in the movie, with glimpses of other people that have been affected by the relationship.


Caro Cult in the leading role is brilliant, showing us the unsure nature of her future. The empty feeling her character is going through in life. She makes the character feel alone and questions what will happen in her life.

Nina Gummich in the supporting role is Jojo, the best friend who has decided to move on with her life. The performance shows the uncertainty of the future she could have and the life she is walking away from.


The story follows two lifelong best friends that are going to be going their separate ways. One thinks their life will be sorted out, meanwhile the other is feeling completely lost and alone.

The story gets to explore friendships that will need to accept changes, with love introducing someone new in life. There will always be questions about whether that new person is right for the best friend. There is a focus on the need to change yourself and adapt to new ideas in life, ones that could help restart life for someone. Proving that life’s adventure will take people on paths that will need support from their best friends, even if they don’t see eye to eye every time.


For Jojo is a drama focusing on friendship, the most important friends and how the locations will keep them close. The busy city to their hometown both share memories as friends, no matter how far apart they might be.

Where to Watch: For Jojo is available now on Netflix.

Final Thoughts For Jojo is a nice life drama, proving friendships are the most important thing in life.

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