Flight of the Living Dead; Outbreak on a Plane (2007)

Director: Scott Thomas

Writer: Scott Thomas, Mark Onspaugh, Sidney Iwanter

Starring: David Chrisum, Kristen Kerr, Kevin j. O’Connor, Richard Tyson, Erick Avari, Derek Webster

Story A group of scientist, who work for a small section of the government, have created a sample of a medicine that will regenerate human life. They are transferring a sample on a plane lead by Dr Bennett (Avari). The plane is full of different characters including Federal agent Truman (Chrisum) taking a prison Frank (O’Connor) back to France. There is a famous sports star and his wife, a group of teens on a holiday with secrets from each other and many more. The captain is on his last flight with a young co-pilot and group of good looking flight attendances and an air Marshall but which one of the characters is this person.

During the flight they hit a storm, which leads to the sample being released. The sample turns out to be on of the doctor’s wife who quickly turns into an undead character and all hell lets lose on the flight. The government learn about the location of the sample and start talking about shooting it down before anything could happen or the virus spread. Can the unlikely group work together to make it to land alive and stop from being shot down?

Verdict This movie is a bit like a spoof of Snakes on a Plane but comes over onto its very own never too serious or too spoofy. Most of the characters are very generic and you really don’t care which ones survive as long as there is some good splatter scenes. It doesn’t reach any real scare levels which over undead movies can. It also has some almost video game type shooting scene where the undead pop up from behind seats, which is nicely done.

Story Mark 6/10 Simple story but nothing too original apart from the setting

Action Mark 7/10 Has more action scenes than horror nicely worked scenes

Special Effects Mark 7/10 Some nice make up effects but special effects are clearly computerised

Least Favourite Character Truman Boring cop really and has no real emotions

Poor Performance Most of the cast is unknown or small supporting roles and you can see why 

Best Part The funny Asian passenger who can’t undo his seat belt human and undead

Worst Part Sometimes the characters sort of go missing during the running around scared part of the movie

Best Quote Frank ‘You thought it was me gnawing on the passengers? Nah, I’m a vegetarian’

Favourite Character Frank wise cracking criminal steals most scenes

 My Rating a Fun 70%


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