Five Dates (2020) Interactive Movie Review

Director: Paul Raschid

Writer: Paul Raschid (Screenplay)

Starring: Georgia Hirst, Mandip Gill, Marisa Abela, Taheen Modak, Georgia Small, Demmy Ladipo, Sinead Harnett

Plot: The interactive film allows viewers to play along in their own unique way (with 10 different outcomes and a real-time Relationship Status Tracking). Players can navigate the lead character – Vinny – through digital game dates, awkward scenarios and unexpected truths.


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Five Dates starts as you set up a profile for Vinny (Modak), as he signs up for a dating app, where he gets five matches, you will get to pick between three of these five women, Grace (Hirst), Shaina (Gill), Maya (Abela), Saffron (Small) or Saffron (Hartnett).

Thoughts on Five Dates

Thoughts – When it comes to dating, it has changed this year, we are now in the video dating world, a way to speed up the first chats with strangers. Five Dates gives us the chance to create a virtual profile that will give us a chance to date, five women who are all different in their own way. This does open the window to what the new modern dating is happening now, when it comes to the dating questions, they don’t seem like questions you would ask on a date. While playing through the game, you will pick which woman you believe would be someone you would like a second, or third date. I picked one quite easily, but it does make dating even scarier that it already it. You can have a good laugh while playing through this game, with Vinny and Callum having funny moments throughout the film, while each date will put you in a different mindset for what is happening. The game does offer replay value because, each date will have different outcomes, with second and third dates being different for each woman too, so you can go through and see how you would like the dates to unfold.

Final Thoughts Five Dates is a fun interactive game that shows us just how difficult dating has become, showing how you can have some good and bad dates along the way.

FIVE DATES is released worldwide for digital download on Windows & Mac via SteamPS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 17 November. and IOS/Android 2021


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