Fireheart (2022) Movie Review

ABC Film Challenge – Catch Up 2022 – F – Fireheart (2022).

Fireheart Poster

Director: Theordore Ty, Laurent Zeitoun

Writer: Laurent Zeitoun, Jennica Harper, Daphne Ballon (Screenplay) Laurent Zeitoun, Jennica Harper, Lisa Hunter (Story)

Starring: (Voice Talents) Olivia Cooke, Kenneth Branagh, William Shatner, Laurie Holden, Maya Misaljevic

Plot: Sixteen-year-old Georgia Nolan dreams of being the world’s first-ever female firefighter. When a mysterious arsonist starts burning down Broadway, New York’s firemen begin vanishing. Georgia’s father, Shawn, is called out of retirement by the Mayor of New York to lead the investigation into the disappearances. Desperate to help her father and save her city, Georgia disguises herself as a young man called “Joe” and joins a small group of misfit firefighters trying to stop the arsonist.

Tagline – Every dream starts with a spark.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Fireheart starts as Georgia dreams of becoming a fireman like her father Shwan. Shawn stops this dream from becoming a reality to protect her, stepping away from the career himself. When New York comes under attack by a mysterious arsonist, Shawn is drawn out of retirement to investigate.

Georgia sees this as a chance to help, becoming Jo undercover with other volunteer firefighters. The pair work together to uncover the bigger truth about what is going on. Giving Georgia a chance to become the first firewoman.

Thoughts on Fireheart

Fireheart is an animated comedy following a young girl that dreams of being a firefighter. Seeing her go undercover to help solve a mystery about vanishing firefighters. She will step up to break the mould thrown onto women in this world. Fireheart is a fun family movie. One that will give us a determined lead proving people wrong. A twisted villain that wants to cause chaos. An important connection between family and a surprise truth Georgia isn’t ready for. There is a woman empowerment message, proving that women can be as strong as men. The movie will bring a few laughs and does end up feeling like a Scooby Doo mystery.

Final Thoughts Fireheart is a fun family animation, with plenty of heart.

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