Film Focus – Lockout (2012)


After being wrongly convicted of murder Snow (Guy Pearce) is face a long sentence on a space prison. While being set up for transfer the president’s daughter Emilie (Maggie Grace) get held hostage on the prison. Snow is given a chance of freedom if he can save her.

One review called it Die Hard is space, in all honesty it is more like Escape From New York in space. I am not usually a fan of Guy Pearce and i found his performance the highlight of the film. His one liners add a nice humour tone which save the poor dialogue. Maggie grace is getting a good reputation of being the damsel in distress and even has a little fight in her.

If your look for a flat out action film this isn’t the choice for you its a nice casual thriller where the outcome is so clear if you don’t figure it out you haven’t seen enough ABC action thrillers.

Best Part: The one liners

Best Performance: Guy Pearce

My rating 71%

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