Faster (2011)

Director: George Tillman. Jr.

Writer: Tony Gaylon, Joe Gaylon

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Billy Bob Thornton, Carla Gugino, Maggie Grace, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Moon Bloodgood


Story Driver (Johnson) is released from prison, he is there because of a bank robbery gone wrong when his brother and himself get played resulting in his brother to be killed and Driver to be left for dead.


Upon his release he sets on revenge firstly walking into a telemarketing office and shooting a man. This sparks the police into locating Driver. Lead by Cicero (Gugino) and druggie cop, Cop (Thornton) they start to investigate the crime. Someone sets a Hitman called Killer (Jackson-Cohen) to stop Driver only for Driver to always get the upper hand and Killer becomes more determined to win the battle.


Set over five days can Driver get revenge for his brother’s death and stay one step ahead of Killer and Cop? Watch this fast paced action thriller filled with twists in the tale to keep you guessing all the way through.


Verdict This top action thriller is very simple to watch never confusing its audience. Dwayne Johnson back in action roles works a treat even though he has very little lines his onscreen presences takes scene stealing to a new level. It’s classic double cross revenge storyline makes the action simple and a tidy car chase and shoot off between Driver and Killer are the highlights. It has an over the top feel to it which puts the realism on a backburner. All action thriller fans will enjoy this.  

Story Mark 8/10 Yes its been done before but a few different characters and a quirky Hitman add to a good story.

Action Mark 8/10 Tidy action scenes using a few slow motion shots.

Star Performances Dwayne Johnson action star perfect fit

Favourite Character Killer he has overcome a lot in his life and always seeks to be the best adding he wanting to have a family with his girlfriend Lily (Grace) makes him great to watch to see how he will try to better himself as each day passes

Least Favourite Character Lily, yes I thought Killer was favourite but Lily is so needed and pathetic she tries to ground this free spirit

Best Part The different ways the people Driver goes to kill react to his intentions

Worst Part You can see the twist coming very early on

Best Quote Driver ‘God can’t save you from me’

Similar Too – Drive Angry, Shoot ‘Em Up

My Rating  87%


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