Executive Order (2020) Movie Review ‘Disturbing Glimpse into a Potential Dark Reality’

Executive Order – Disturbing Glimpse into a Potential Dark Reality

Executive Order Poster

Director: Lazaro Ramos, Flavia Lacerda

Writer: Lusa Silvestre, Lazaro Ramos, Aldri Anunciacao, Elisio Lopes Jr (Screenplay)

Starring: Alfred Enoch, Seu Jorge, Tais Araujo, Adriana Esteves

Plot: In a dystopian near future in Brazil, an authoritarian government orders all citizens of African descent to move to Africa – creating chaos, protests, and an underground resistance movement that inspires the nation.

Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Executive Order starts as we meet a lawyer Antonio (Enoch). Who has seen the change happening in Brazil. Where people like him with African descent, have started to be treated differently by the Brazilian government. Something has always been there for him and his friends. Including his brother Andre (Jorge), only things have started to get worse in recent months.

Now the government have set up plans to offer free tickets to Africa. For anyone with African descent, to move them out of their country. This order will see the hate towards the African community increase. Antonio wanting to find a legal way to stop this order, while trying to protect his family. Until a government order drops to depart anyone who looks like they have African descent.

Thoughts on Executive Order

Executive Order is a dystopian drama that will see Brazil create a divide between the people. Where they make it law to send back anyone who looks African, back to Africa. Causing civil unrest across the country. The civilians who have been born and raised in the country. Are forced into hiding in their homes in fear of being deported.

Executive Order is disturbing with how quickly a government would even consider putting through such a legal action into place. Being so heavy handed in making it happen. It will bring the bigger discussion to the table about what people do with their decisions in life. Pushing people out of their lives for being from a different background, or embracing the skills people bring from each background.

This will play out with all the uncomfortable nature you would imagine, seeing people being thrown out of their homes. With great performances from the lead cast of Alfred Enoch, Seu Jorge and Tais Araujo.  

Signature Entertainment presents Executive Order on Digital Platforms 18th July.

Final ThoughtsExecutive Order is disturbing look at how a government could act.

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