Evil Under the Skin (2019) Movie Review

Director: Jeffrey Schneider

Writer: Luc Bernier (Screenplay)

Starring: Helene Udy, Carl Bailey, Pamela Sutch, Donna Hamblin, Colton Baumgartner, Tom O’Hearn

Plot: A mother and daughter head off for a secluded weekend to reconnect but little do they know the sordid past of the home they’re staying in let alone the strangeness it attracts as they descend into madness.   

Tagline – fear comes from within

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Evil Under the Skin starts when Sophie (Udy) and her daughter Roselee (Barajas) are spending time together in a lake house to reconnect, they enjoy a drink or too, when locals Carla (Hamblin) and Matt (O’Hearn) start eyeing the pair up, wondering about the noise coming from the home at night.

As the time continues there is an air of uncertainty about the truth, whether something has happened in the house that Sophie is denying.

Thoughts on Evil Under the Skin

Final Thoughts Evil Under the Skin is a very strange movie, it is trying to build up a big mystery about an even that has happened between a mother and daughter, we learn that something has happened, only we are not sure what, as we are stuck following characters actions about what happened. When it comes to the acting, you can see the weaknesses here, with each interaction never feeling remotely real with none of the cast having any chemistry, leaving the movie feeling very flat. This is a film that just doesn’t seem to feel completed that ends up leaving you feeling very disconnected from everything going on.

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