Everyone Forgot (2022) Frightfest Short Movie Review

Everyone Forgot – Frightfest Movie Review

Everyone Forgot

Director: Theo Kai Marlow

Writer: Theo Kai Marlow (Screenplay)


  • Anwen Bull (The Group)
  • James Knapp (Your Eyes on Me)

Plot: It’s Lily’s birthday and nobody seems to care. Desperate for some form of recognition on her special day, Lily turns to a handyman service for company.

Runtime: 18 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Everyone Forgot starts as Lily (Bull) reaches her 40th birthday, she checks her social media Amego app only to find no birthday messages. In search of a friend Lily calls up a handyman service, which sees Ben (Knapp) arrive.

Lily comes clean about why she called him company, leaving Ben to reluctantly stay and celebrate her birthday. Only he gets more than he bargained for.

Verdict on Everyone Forgot

Everyone Forgot is a horror comedy short that addresses the loneliness a forgotten birthday can bring. It shows how people can turn to things they never expect to have company. The story is broken into a range of interesting emotions. Giving us a depressive start, a happy middle and a shocking conclusion.

This is a short story we could see more from, which can be seen in how everything unfolds throughout. even though the short format works wonders for the twists along the way. The performances from Anwen Bull and James Knapp are great, showing the awkward interactions they go through.

It is clear there is a warning about over-reliance on social media being dangerous and causing much bigger problems to those who expect more from it.

Final Thoughts Everyone Forgot is a fun short showing the fine line loneliness can create.

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